Religion Lack Science Is Just Like The Body Without Soul

What a piece of work is man!

How noble in reason!

In action how like an angel!

In apprehension, how like a god!

The beauty of the world!

The paragon of animals!

If we believe in Shakespeare’s these lines, and are real at present situation, then there could be no reason to write this article. However, for today’s world, where even there is no reason to fight, but still they quarrel, this is must for them.

When the word “Religion” slaps the eardrum, most of the peoples think of some traditions, odd styles, myths and something called the “restrictions”. On next step, “Science” is the world of discoveries, researches, amazing facts and knowledgeable findings & thoughts. There are also some peoples who bold the science, and restrict to the religions. Some youngsters even evade their grandparents as they think the religion as a fable which is just for old peoples regarding big books (epics).

If we consider the religion as the whole & truth, then we may define the science as, “the right path in search of the truth “(i.e., religion).

It was a diamond achievement for the science to discover an “Atom” and also when they discovered 36,450 micro-organisms in a single drop of water. Science also proved the fact that “Trees are living beings”, Which though do not have the red blood like us, still called “immovable living beings”, and have their own unique systems just like us. Science also attends “health & diet” relationship and consults to daylight meal. Scientific views on night meal (dinner) says that “ultraviolet” (UV) and infrared (IR) radiations which are emitted during day time are more physiochemically active (research by W. Writer in 1801) and is the reason for the trees to prepare their food only during day time and ever human beings are more active during day time. This is also the reason for none or less production of micro-organisms; even insects do not come out in day light, While they are free to move anywhere at night. That’s why night eating may affect our health & body system besides killing uncountable micro-organisms. UV and IR rays get inactive before & after 48 min. of sunset & sunrise respectively. After reading such on science achievements one may feel haughty but here I flashed same topics with religious views.

Jain epics say that there are uncountable micro-organisms in a single drop of water, and they recommend for purification of water with different methods.

Epics also focus on atom, and in more & more depth.

Trees are living beings were though discovered by science, still it was already written in the epics, and called single sensed. (Ekendriya)

Religion much more talks about day meals, and has given extraordinary and supreme views on so.

On conclusion, there is much more written in epics, and science is trying to reach it so that peoples will ultimately believe the religion.

After reading this no one should feel arrogant of their religion, as science is the only way to lighten it. Indirectly, only the science is helping to prove the right existence of religions. Moreover religion & science give equal values for meditation, non-violence & peace. So why there is always quarrel between science & religion.

We usually put debates on “science or religion-which is great?” which may result in the diversion of people’s minds from either one depending upon winners.

Instead of this topic, it is better to put “Brotherhood between science & religious” how to reach religion through science. kinds of topics so that it would put our step forward in search of the truth.

If you think yourself as responsible person of either science or religion, then show some respect for it, by helping science research & discoveries, so that we world reach the victory of these two cousins which will indirectly result in peace of the universe.

(“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” -Albert Einstein)

Sachin Ramesh Chatur
Clinical Research

The autor for this article is a science lover.and respects all the religions. since childhood he has written many articles specially for ahimsa(non violence),peace,unity & affection towards science.He is so kind hearted.

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Temperament science is religion

Reality –Having existence of matters and materials is reality. Activities of materials both for living and non-living are for some purpose is matters. Matter is transit stage of material. These are system, concept, procedure, law, custom, ritual, signal, impulse, talk, speech and planning etc., and converting to documents or records. But about all facts of matters is thought evolved in mind called temperament. That means temperament world is functioning behind seen world. Then there is a source of temperaments where all temperaments are evolved.

                                         As per medical science in brain mechanism there are gyri and sulci (folding and depression of minute billions nervous cells) for various purpose known as cerebral cortex (like hear, see, smell, recall, intelligence etc) in both right and left cerebral hemisphere in the name of  lobes which facilitate to nurturing the outside impulses  and creating various  thoughts. Exactly hormonal system (gland system) in human body is also help to co-coordinating the activities of human body cooperating with nervous system.

                                               That means brain mechanism is  physical machine ,and impulses are the natural resources for producing thoughts, physical activities(any work ,angry,laugh,cry,sex,fight,afraid,run,talk etc.), storing, spontaneous generating thought without outside impulses and reciting of memory etc.Therefore cells of 3fe0 brain of various zone are having different potentiality to retaining and discharging of processing  impulses, and discharging of various processing impulses from gyri feel in a media is called mind which is relating to the potentiality and character of man or on the other word potentiality of man. It is clear that a temperament media which flow over all brain cells through out the brain that is called mind. But mind has spontaneous flow and can receive every processing impulse as per its’ choice from brain cells at any time (in sleeping time also) and makes feel one accordingly as per every one realization. Choice of mind means concentrate of type of impulses or thoughts floating on it. One is reacting to every impulse coming form outside depends upon type of concentrate of thoughts floating in mind .This is the measuring scale of attraction intelligent or repulsion intelligent or foolish as well as happy and unhappy feeling.

                                     It is also observed that physical mechanism of every science analyzed in laboratory is connected with temperaments   mechanism .However various ways are created by so many super man called prophet or incarnation or Guru in various place, language and age through out the world to know about source of mind and control of mind for feeling happiness is called religion.

Religion-Religion is a way to know about play and source of temperaments evolved in mind, and meaningful adjustment of various temperaments for life and growth with effulgence of personality both individually and collectively.

                                                         Therefore religion is temperament science and its proper utilization in every field of society will draw refine and happy human civilization. Therefore so many organizations and spiritual centres are working for imparting proper utilization of temperaments for individual and collective happy lives. But due to less highlights about proper benefits of temperament science for career, prosperity, knowledge, social establishment and happy life maximum people of the world are taking religion as blind faith, superstition or unknown about religion. However it to be proved practically that religion is a temperament science for which men will accept and benefited accordingly.

Source of temperament-Outside impulses are entering to brain through outer sensor organs like-eye, ear, nose, tonge and skin and processing in cerebral cortex area and one reacting accordingly as per mind situation (instinct and habit). Now it is clear that every one feels present of temperaments in mind and outside behind of every physical function, and scientists all over the world also searching the source of temperament in the name of “Big Bang”.

                            Religions show the management and source of temperament practically through feel.see and hear. How it is possible may discuss below.

                               Nervous and hormonal system ( glands) regulate the physical activities of man by coordinating each other  through impulse or temperament media, but pineal gland which present in brain has no longer function as per medical science. But as per religion it has vital function to regulate the temperament for improving the attraction activities. Active pineal gland creating radiant vibration which help to active the gyri bearing potentiality of  positive thought in brain  and break the negative traits of chromosome of cells through out the body with coordinating nervous and hormonal system, as a result concentrate of negative thought ( idle,foolishness,passionate sex,betray, treacherous,angry,malice,defiance etc ) will be diluted in mind, and mind draw towards right brain where positive thought are discharging from  gyri through processing of every outside impulses.Continuos flow of mind over right brain help to grows higher consciousness through brain system which recognize and manage of  every negative thought evolved in mind by spontaneous or outside impulses. Higher consciousness of mind choose the temperaments of happiness in right brain system and makes one feel     happiness in day to day professional life means mind become source itself. That is the source of temperament. It is calm, steady and perfect stage of mind, on the other word “Existence of nothing” or “Black Hole” and its’ physical stage is Glow before forming of atom or cell. Therefore source of temperament can feel in mind is called happiness, hear with ear is called sound and see with naked eye is called glow.

                                                 It is very remarkable that one may be vibrate own pineal glad by various way, but easy way to recite the ‘Holy Name” without uttering sound along with remembering  the “Holy Statue” of own community’s Man God   normally with keeping adherence   is easy way to vibrate the pineal glad.

                                             Though, yet such feeling is not proved in laboratory, but taste of sugar is part of science. Then feeling of source of temperaments is also science. Now a day medical science is developing, therefore such truth of existence of temperament may be proved through laboratory analysis as follow-

A-May takes snap of normal and vibrating pineal gland to know about function of pineal gland.

B-May takes sound and vibration of brain of normal pineal gland and vibrating pineal gland to know about play of pineal gland.

C- Symptom of vibrating pineal gland is as follow as per author realization.

1-      Vibrate the area of junction of two eyes and root of the nose like evolve of bubble in water and burst automatically.

2-      Appear circle with rising sun color in eye focus when one winking the eye frequently to the sky or any solid area. 

3-      Feel of spontaneous thrilling through out body along with brain like abnormal blood circle in supper skin after irregular time interval.

4-      Emanate glow from junction of two eyes and root of the nose having minute particles with high speed ocher color like spray of liquid ocher color for painting through machine.

5-        Feeling  release of  air from confined area in forehead.

Above laboratory taste may clarify the truth of religion in term of science and torching the human stake for happy living. Hope scientists in medical science, chemistry and physics all over the world may heed a glance about above truth for find a peace and happy way for human civilization, because science is accepted universally.

                                 Therefore “Holy book” of all communities is book of temperament science, because it helps to improve the mind, health, production, productivity and distribution system. Lack of utilization of science is ancient age, exactly ignoring of temperament science (religion) is dance of poverty, ignorance and violence in any age.


Role of attraction thought– Attraction thought is attraction intelligence. Attraction intelligence creates and executes the refine social systems hindering to repulsion acts in every field of society such as –

A-Governance system, B-Cultivation, C-Industry, D-Trading, E- Education, D-Service sector etc. to establish harmony, distinctiveness and liberty among world people and   can help to blow an “Existentialism” wave thought in world wide society to utilize natural resources, time, production, productivity, human resources in apex level to fulfill the existential needs in latest convenient form, and makes feel source of temperaments generally is reality of religion.


Author’s biography- Name -Madhu  Sudana Parida,S/O- Late –Sj. Nitya Nanda Parida,citizen of India, birth place:- At/Po- Udayapur, Dist-Keonjhar,State –Orissa,Pin-758045,(currently residing- At/po- Bileipada,Dist-Keonjhar,orissa,758038),  date of birth -4th July 1963, profession is service in private sector, and eager to exchange  perpetual thought in every field of world wide societies  to makes self & other to happy, and unifying in common interest for being & becoming to create & sustaining a trust & integrate blow of mind wave in human stake  permanently. My realization by blessing of providence about self and universe is my writing.

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