Q&A: Is it safe for U.S. citizens to visit Australia?

Question by Anonymouseezz: Is it safe for U.S. citizens to visit Australia?
There’s this Yahoo Answers Australian user, Edvard J or something like that, on the religion category and every other answer he has he’s putting down Americans … “Americans are uncivilized” … “Americans are thick” … “Americans aren’t welcome in Australia” … etc, etc, etc. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t care what ONE guy thinks, but this guy is level 7, one of the top contributors in multiple categories and he has dozens of fans. I frequently see comments on here from Australian people saying Americans should accept socialism, ban guns, etc, and that we’re stupid for not being like Australia or whatever. The other day, I was viewing this article on an Australian news website that was comparing this American “tea party” group to the KKK (outright lie), and the comments to the article were ridiculous “America is a Christian theocracy”, “Americans need to be stereilised”, etc, etc, etc.

On THIS category I see comments saying Americans are all stupid, Americans are too conservative, that Obama is stupid, that American Democrats are comparable to some racist group in Australia … WTF? I don’t see any of this sort of stuff on other travel categories.

Can someone explain what the deal is?

And the reason I ask is because I plan(ned) on going to Australia with two friends, but I feel anxious about going now and quite honestly feel like I’d rather not go after seeing all the animosity on here. I haven’t told my friends about this, they don’t use this site or even the internet much so what would they know, but I don’t feel comfortable spending so much money on a trip to the place if that’s how it is.

I do think I have a right to be concerned, considering how much $ $ $ it costs to get to the other side of the world.
Ashlee, if you’ve been taught in school that the U.S. is *still* testing nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean (we’re not) and you’re presented Michael Moore movies (biased with a political agenda) as pure fact … then the issue is obviously worse than I thought. But thanks for the insightful answer anyways.

Best answer:

Answer by Skylar
As long as you aren’t rude or insulting towards their customs, and you follow their laws, you shouldn’t have any problems traveling anywhere, keeping in mind events of war, or civil unrest.

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Is it safe in Jerusalem?

Question by a.mcdonough: Is it safe in Jerusalem?
I’m an American and have always wanted to travel to Jerusalem. I understand Israel and the United States have a good relationship, but as for the people and their sentiments is it still safe to travel? I never thought about it until my girlfriend recently had concerns with me going there alone to visit the historic Christian sites. I apologize for my ignorance to the subject.

Best answer:

Answer by ?David?
No, its not entirely safe. If you do travel to Jerusalem and if you go and sit in one of their cafes, you could be the victim of a terrorist attack. Often times, Palestinian terrorists will try to hit a target such as a small cafe, etc. I learned about this after having watched a youtube video with Henry Rollins. You could always go to youtube and type in “Henry Rollins in Israel.”

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