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by zootm

Having been a member of four Christian dating sites in my time, and a few non Christian dating sites with Christian denomination search features, I have found the Christian Cafe is the stand out best deal, and best dating site I have been a member of.

“After 2 weeks online at the I already have a number of good friends and one lady that is getting pretty serious, and a few coffee appointments set up.” “WRITER609” in Sydney Australia.

Christian Cafe Dating Site…an Overview

“Christian Cafe is a comfortable relaxing online Cafe where Christian singles connect with one other. Whether you’re looking for a companion, a date, or a soul mate, this Christian dating site is the place for you! Warm, romantic, inviting… Try our Christian dating service absolutely free.”

The features of 10 day free trial of Christian Cafe dating site

1.You get unlimited searches of the database with many search features. You can search on geographic location, Christian denomination, color of hair, color of eyes, why single status, age, there are so many search features.

2.You can send email messages to as many members as you like, with a daily limit of about 40 or so, and do this every day of your 10 day free trial at Christian Cafe. You are not allowed to share your email address or any contact details with as a trial member, though a full paid member can send you their details.

3. You can send winks to many members a day.

4.You can IM (Instant Message) as many members as you like if they are online on the Cafe at the same time as you are online.

5. You can get extra 3 days membership at this Christian singles site for loading up a picture onto your profile.

6. You can recommend the Christian dating site to your friends and for every person that joins, you get an extra 5 days free credit.

The features that I really enjoy with the Christian Cafe Dating Site

1. I enjoy the fact that no matter what time I am up during the day I can speak to singles via Instant messaging all around the world for free and unlimited. I joined after my trial period and I always check when I am online ot see if one of my friends is signed into the Christian singles dating site when I am online. I do a lot of work online as I run a wesbite and write many articles, and so it is quite easy to work and chat at the same time. Many online dating sites have an Instant messaging service, BUT IT IS NOT ON FREE MEMBERSHIPS ON OTHER SITES OTHER THEN CHRISTIAN CAFE The Christian Cafe stands alone, with integrity allowing you to IM people on your free 10 day membership trial.

2. Free email is available of the ten day free trial. This is very rare, in fact I have NEVER seen free email on any dating website on the free memberships. Normally you have to be a paid member of a dating site to have access to email. This site really shines in this area.

3. The profile template has had a lot of thought go into it allowing many denominations so that you can search under your preferred sort of Christian. As a person that is Pentecostal-Charismatic in belief and practice, I have found over 500 single ladies in my city that are in my age range and my Pentecostal-Charismatic belief. The short answer questions give your plenty of subject to prompt your answers. This is sadly lacking in many other singles dating sites online.

The Membership Costs of the Christian Cafe

A free, no obligation and no credit card required 10 day membership is earned by posting a profile picture and filling out the short user form. Members also earn five free days for every paid member they refer to this site.

Paid memberships cost .95 USD for two weeks, .95 USD for one month, .95 USD for three months, .95 USD for six months, or 9.95 USD for one year’s access. Although these fees are a tad high, they are almost on par with the higher-end niche dating sites today.

Testimonials of the Christian Cafe that can be found on the site

I’ve never been married and I’d been patiently waiting on the Lord to send me His best. I decided to try internet dating and signed up at your website, hoping to meet some good Christian prospects. But the search was long and frustrating, so in times of frustration, I would terminate my membership. I was on and off the Cafe I’ve met and dated a couple of wonderful guys through this site. When the last serious relationship didn’t work out, I was heartbroken and decided to give up my dream of getting married.

Meanwhile, a single, never-been-married guy from Arkansas was also at the end of a serious relationship. Frustrated, he decided to change his search criterion to “single, never-been-married”. Thanks to your persistence in inviting me back, I was again on your website when he found me in this category. It didn’t take long for us to figure out we were God’s best for each other and we got married in Sept. 2008.

To all singles out there, continue to trust in the Lord – He has someone special for you. And stay with Christian Cafe- it’s the best site to meet Christians, and in His time, you’ll find the person that’s best for you.

I signed up about two months ago. Recently I met a girl and after several email exchanges arranged to meet. We were both pleased with who we met and this now appears will be a permanent relationship. My congratulations to Christian Cafe for a wonderful site.

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Book Review: on Christian Theology (challenges in Contemporary Theology)

Thought provoking book, matters of the heart for lay people, too

Take on this “On Christian Theology” if you choose to learn more of religious things, like matters of the heart and unities in God. The writer, Rowan Williams, says, “Theology needs to make connections, to search out and display unities…” This book by the Archbishop of Canterbury does that, even for this lay man who spent time pondering over ideas and directions in a manner that required study as well as reading.

There are large subjects addressed, like “The Judgement of the World,” where he addresses many like ideas: “The diffuse discontent that consumer pluralism can engender (although it largely contains and even utilizes it) yields itself readily to any program that dresses itself persuasively enough in moral rhetoric…” There’s a taste of the theologian’s writing.

You won’t find this on a popular reading list, but certainly the publisher Blackwell has found a steady seller with this compilation. The subtitle is “Challenges in contemporary Christianity,” and apt it is–of special interest to Christians in general and Episcopalians and Anglicans in particular. Afterall, the Archbishop is an Anglican. Here he remarks on the world and we as creatures in relation to God. Along the way he says what God is to us and creation. He calls this God’s freedom: “…God in creation means that God cannot make a reality that then needs to be actively governed, subdued, bent to the divine purpose away from its natural course. If God creates freely, God does not need the power of a sovereign: what is, is from God.” Sometimes the writing is clearer to me than others, which is my limitation. I understand, “what is, is from God.” Here’s an understandable statement, among many in an understandable book, from the chapter “On Being Creatures”: “Being creatures is learning humility, not as submission to an alien will, but as the acceptance of limit and death…” He says for that we need moral imagination. One gets the idea of the scope of his concerns and thinking, which are matters of the heart and living.

In the chapter, “Word and Spirit” (again larger subjects, but fascinating and engaging ones to the Christian reader, and others I think), the author says what is extraordinary, or ordinary about the Christian human being. For afterall, this man can speak of being a Christian and of the Christian human being: “We can recognize perhaps more clearly the dispressure of the figure of the crucified Messiah: we can accept more readily the breaking of certain kinds of sacral barrier, so that ‘Spirit’ ceases to be confined to the extraordinary but becomes a qualification of Christian human being.”

Some other chapters: “Triniity and Ontology,” “Between the Cherubim,” (“It will effectively be claiming tht what is vital to Christian discourse about the resurrection can be stated exclusively in terms of what happens to the minds and hearts of believers when proclamation is made that the victim of the crucifixion is the one through whom God continues to act and speak.”), “Nature and Sacrament,” “Sacraments of the New Society” (“…we are either bound together by being ‘seen’ by God as distant, as strangers, or bound together in a common assurance that we are received, affirmed, adopted.”

Today, in this season of Epiphany, in the winter of California where I live, I wanted to write a poem for this review (a kind of review in itself). Here it is:

Epiphany Brings News
by Peter Menkin

The Winter is young,
Trees bare against a grey sky.
Rain here.

Epiphany brings news
To me of the resurrection’s

Through this gift,
New creation,
In the cross-resurrection.

This Rowan Williams
Tells us these things;
Wait on the Christ-open heart.

This theologian I am reading
Shed enmity towards failures,

Enmity between people,
Shed this.
Then comes friendship with God.

Not matters of the mind,
Of the head,
But of the heart.

I think of Easter,
“the living of the believing life.”

Our trust is in Easter.

Many people have said that Rowan Williams writes of the crisis in our world, even the back cover notes proclaim such: “Overall, Williams presents a theological perspective acutely aware of the cultural and political crises of our time…” I would be remiss to leave that statement out of this review. For me, though, I found this a book of spirit and interesting writing opening windows and doors during this winter season into a light on the Trinity and man’s relation to God in Christ. This isn’t a book for a quick read, and I enjoyed the studying of text, even where I knew I was becoming only familiar with terms and people. As I’ve begun to become familiar with Rowan William’s writings, I think I chose a good book as part of that familiarization process.

Peter Menkin — Epiphany

Peter Menkin, an aspiring poet, lives in Mill Valley, CA USA (north of San Francisco).

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