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A Dream: Castle in Air turns into reality

A Dream: – Castle in the air turns into reality

“Sir, what’s in your mind after getting this honour Award, asked a television correspondent to Mr. So and So in a press conference.”

His reply…

As the saying goes, “You don’t need to pay for having colossal dreams.” Such as, I was living my life with myriad extensive dreams; which were explicitly castle in the air. I was born and reared up in a shanty town, and my father was the only bread winner in the family; because my mother had asthma, due to it she remains in the house. My father used to gather waste from the societies and dumped in the dump site; which was four kilometres away from the city. Before dumping the waste, my father used to extract the plastic bags and sell those bags for recycling.

Many of times, I mull over on those fateful yesteryears, which are bitter memories of my life. They are yet evident, a little tot is complaining his parents for food and good cloths in a shanty house; Tropical summer searing lives from the top to down and frosty wind confines lives in the winter. Screaming souls preserving handful grain in cats and dogs rain; destruction and chaos after the heavy rain still floats in my mind.

Nevertheless, despite limited amenities in the family and slum, I didn’t give up my dream of becoming elite and wealthy man in the society. In-order to get me to that position; I used to study till late night under the railway lights. Still I remember, it was foggy winter season and almost morning was about to break. A police man came up to me with rod in his hand and asked me, what I am doing here? Police man was mesmerized by the way I responded him.  Virtually, his eyes got moist and gently tapped my head and went away. He also wished me for bloomy future.

After few months of this, my parents were died in a train mishap. I was barely fourteen years old; when my parents left me alone in this perilous and selfish world. Nobody from my mother and father’s families gave me shelter in their house. Even I also left my home and went to another city by train. Unfortunately, I was caught in the train by the ticket checker and beaten out; because I was travelling without ticket. At last I was throw-out from the train on a local station. I didn’t bother the checker and my pain; and got up quickly and got into another compartment of the same train. I shut myself into a toilet and arrived into an unknown city. I didn’t know anyone in the city and also had nothing in hand to buy something to quench my hunger. However, I drank some water from the hand pump and came out from the railway station.  

Without eating anything from the last two days, I walked out from platform for forever and searched for any work. No one in the city was ready to give any sort of work in the home or outfit to a stranger; whom they don’t know. Who am I and where does I comes from, nobody know it? There was no a single person in the city, who can recommend me for the work.  People were scared to give job to any unfamiliar person, due to previous terrorist attacked on the city.

However, the fire for the food in the stomach was extremely grave; as a result I was floored on the road. Several people walked aside and didn’t bother me. I began to blame God for the inattention of the people; whilst a man with grey hair white attire walked towards me and asked. What happened to you my dear, why are crying and rolling on the road… what’s bothering you? Flushed in anger, I answered him, don’t you see I have severe pain in my stomach. I didn’t eat anything from the last three days. I asked people for job but nobody hire me due to unfamiliarity. I am dying with hunger; even God of heaven has hardened His heart and abandoned me to die. The master piece of God’s creation (Human Being) has become selfish and God has also fixed Himself with them.

Don’t accuse God for your ugly condition, my dear, answered the old man. He is God the Father, how a genuine Father can disown his own child in his awful situations. Never, he can’t do this, impossible. Come on get up, come with me into my home, I will fix you food.

I was amazed to see, the old man was a retired army personnel and living alone in a very big bungalow. His entire family was killed in the previous terrorist attack and he was seriously injured too. Doctors could save his life only and other of his family members breathed their last breath in the operation theatre itself. Yet, there was no disappointment on his face but had a great hope to see all his family members at the day of the Lord. 

While we were having food, both of us shared our past with each other. After a long tearful conversation, I came to know that we are travelling in same boat of life. Mr. Albert Franklin (Old Man) didn’t send me away from his house after feeding me well. Rather adopted me as his son in the family. My Christian journey started with Mr. Franklin.

I studied under leadership of lots of tutors at home and did complete my law study by corresponded. Meanwhile, I got intimate with Lord Jesus Christ. I accepted Him, the Lord and Savior of my life. Today, what I am, it all because of Lord Jesus Christ’s love that was active in Mr. Albert Franklin? God sent Mr. Albert into my life and let happen my dreams to come to realty. Every day, I go to Mr, Albert’s tomb and pray to God; to bestow the same grace and love into my life as well. So, I may also be a channel of His love and grace for many in this perilous and selfish world.  I would like to add this also, our dreams which are castle in the air; can turn into reality through the companionship with Lord Jesus Christ.

Thus, come into the concord of companionship with Lord Jesus Christ and you will see your dreams fulfilled. Don’t wait any more, open the doors of your hearts and invite Jesus Christ into your life. Enjoy the companionship of Lord Jesus Christ.

May the Lord bless you all!!!     



Writer, love to write and bless other and be blessed.

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