There’s a country called Israel, why do some people call Hebrew a dead language?

Question by Swimmer: There’s a country called Israel, why do some people call Hebrew a dead language?
I’m not Jewish. I’m a Christian fluent in Hebrew.

I’ve traveled to Israel. It’s an entire country where people speak Hebrew.

There are entire TV networks in Hebrew. Radio stations in Hebrew. There are street signs, ads, menus, libraries with books, all of them in HEBREW.

There are millions of web sites and YouTube videos in Hebrew.

Here in America, whenever I say I speak Hebrew, people say: “Why are you wasting time with a dead language?”

It’s an entire country of people who speak the language.

How can anyone call Hebrew a dead language?

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Answer by Lord Ugh of the Dwarven Peeps
Some people are ignorant (intentionally or unintentionally), others intend to be insulting.
Perhaps to those people, since they don’t think it has any effect on their lives, it has never been “alive”.

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How can virgin people avoid porn ?

Question by M: How can virgin people avoid porn ?
I am a 24 years old guy who doesn’t want to watch porn and I am virgin because I am a profound christian and will wait till my marriage for my wife to create a happy and religious family.

I have seen so many antiporn movements and let me say they are perfect but those sites work for only those who are married or have a partner in their life. And I think is kinda crazy because if I get married I will never watch porn. Now I watch porn once per week or once per 2 weeks and I am very sad for that and especially from the religious view.

I have avoid even females for sex due to my christian view of having a healthy life and family after.

The problem is even lets say well bigger. I study a really difficult major abroad and of course with scholarship and not in my native language so I do have to study a lot to get good marks.
I am now in the last year but I think that I will continue PhD.
So basically my random day is as follow:
1) Room in which I live alone and only can study, live and of course watch, write, program and talk with my laptop.
2) University
3) Supermarket
4) Church and their activities and travel to some places in the country or abroad when I have holidays.

So that’s basically all those 5 years life as student and I don’t feel lonely. My problem in those years was : How to avoid porn when you are virgin and you don’t feel lonely but you don’t know what to do in free time after you finished doing your random things like studying, watching all movies, chatting.
So basically that is routine life well for about 4 other years as I will do PhD so please can you advice me how people in my situation can avoid porn.

I know that are so many guys and girls like me that have the same situation so please give us an advice that what to do other things instead of watching porn.

Thank you in advance.

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Answer by Eddie
Not sure if you’re talking about masturbation or just looking at porn while mastubating?

If you want to quit both then you have no chance.

If it’s just porn then use your imagination as a substitute – think of you and your future wife making sweet love in the marital bed if that makes you happy.

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Are Christians Judgmental People?

christian world news
by h de c

I alternate my listening between our local news talk station (Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity) and ESPN radio (Mike and Mike, Colin Cowherd, Dan Patrick). When the news gets boring – like when Boortz gets to talking about flying his plane – I switch to sports. When the sports news gets boring – for me, pretty much anything other than NFL football – I turn to the news.

I was listening to ESPN radio the other day, and the host was blasting “judgmental Christians”. He went on to say, “I know the teachings of Jesus, and he said that we’re not to judge other people.”

Now, I’m a pretty even-tempered guy, but when a schlock-jock who doesn’t know what he’s talking about starts expositing the scriptures, I get riled up.

I would like to challenge the notion that Jesus’ number-one-message was, “Don’t judge.” That’s simply not what he was talking about. In fact, he encourages us to judge! Let’s take a look.

Mat 7:1 NLT

(1) “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.

This is the little verse that causes so much confusion. If we were to stop with this verse, we could say that we are to leave well enough alone and go on with our non-judging self. But, in order to understand a verse of scripture, you have to examine the context – that is, the relationship of that one verse to the others around it.

Ignoring the context and building a world view around one isolated verse is like ignoring the whole recipe and trying to build a cake from just 2 cups of flour.

When this verse is read in context, it becomes clear that Jesus is not condemning making judgments – he’s condemning hypocrisy.

Mat 7:3 NLT

(3) “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?

This hypocrisy is what is so obnoxious to God. And this is really what the world objects to as well. In the eyes of many, the church has done a pretty poor job maintaining its own integrity, and, consequently, has lost the moral authority it once had.

Finally, Jesus actually encourages Christians to judge with the proper attitude:

Mat 7:5 NLT

(5) Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.

Jesus doesn’t have a problem with us judging the speck in a friend’s eye as long as we’ve dealt with the log in our own. The truth is, a word of correction given by the right person, at the right time, and in the right manner, can be a voice of guidance for someone who desperately needs it.

Kip Keith is a Christian writer, speaker, and musician with over 20 years in the ministry. He is the Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church of the Roanoke Valley. Contact him to speak at your next event.


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The Wounding Glory: The Historical Analysis Of The State, Society, Religion, Active Forces, Scientific Developments, And The People In The World

world religion
by rowanf

In a comparison of Indian civilization prior and during the rig Vedic period, with the civilizations of Egypt, Sumerian, Akkadian, Mesopotamian and Urr, the origin and complete form of the “state” in India there was no strong form of the state at the time. The complete form and shape of the state it was not yet taken while the Greeks king Dario us, and Alexander who took expedition of winning the territories of India under any Indian kings materially except in the form of Indian mythology which claims that the state was in origin and has taken its expansion from India to all parts of the world particularly in the gulf areas too, by keeping in mind the Vikramaditya the great king of that time  whose period also stated to be corrupted with a contention to keep him above all the kings and their dynasties in the world. “God the invisible King” as the presumption has the relation with the kingship and the god whose role and act to save the people as a protector, savior and benevolent towards the poor in the world could be the factor behind the origin of the state in all the civilizations in materialistic way and in India the first god who has been well known in the Rig-Veda which is the first source of the history in India and its location of rig Vedic civilization is identified with the river Saraswati which was dried up. In rig Vedic kings list there were so many kings and whose actual physical proof not yet established in the sense and true meaning of material facts other than spiritual or mythological beliefs in India. Archaeological evidences in absence of which all these would never be treated as the kings in the history of the kings. However if it is established that all the kings were existed on the banks of five rivers by any authority either through the department of archaeology or by any credible research work it will become the believable facts and the facts in the space of mythology as the history of India with the list of kings. Hence the history of India in relation to the origin, evolution and  taking complete shape of powerful state, foreign kings were took opportunity to rule the country for so many years and left their foot prints on the soils of India and it has its influence and affect on the common ideology of the people and has been played a part in molding the nature of the people of India since the period came to know to the history of the things and existence of the kings with the relation of the spirituality and mythology to the present form of the state in India. As Hegel claimed that the Egyptian and Indian gods has nearest relation in natural gods and the people of these two countries. After Dario us and Alexander the great, the first in terms of power and strength of its military might, the Chandragupta Mourya, basing on the capital city, Patna he has taken complete form of the state in India, before whom no one was come into being like him in India and much less in his power in small groups like a war lords were there in the tribal belts of the country and could not raise to his level in the might. The period of Rig Vedic civilization is stated to be existed around 1000-1500 BC. There is no unanimous opinion of the exact date of Vedic civilization in India. The period of Chandragupta Mourya is claimed to be 321-297 BC. As the first historical book, bible, in its Old Testament genesis, the king as claimed as the first king in the world is Enlil from Sumerian civilization which was around 3rd millennium. The Sumarian records also confirmed the kings list in which Enlil was the first king in the kings list. The names of the first kings and their kingships in comparison with the bible and Rig-Veda in the both mythological and archaeological accounts, whatever the evidences of the Rig-Veda and bible confirmed and convinced with the available findings it is here the facts in identifying the origin and transformation of the state to notify the developments and factors behind the state in different regions in the world. Language in which the bible is written first is Hebrew and the Rig-Veda is written in Sanskrit. It is the fact that the bible is the first book known for the subjects of origin of state, religion, and other issues in the history and it has been proving in so many subjects through the archaeological evidences since last two hundred years. Hence it is fact that the origin and its leading factors behind the origin of the state are very different from each other particularly in India from its early periods of the origin of the state in the Sumarian now modern Iraq, civilization. At the same time the form, need, leading factors, and the materialistic support behind the powerful state in iraq and in India is very different and do not have any direct link and same factors in all such origins of each state in all ancient civilizations in the world. At the same time, when the need and factors in leading the people to feel the need of the state and the social conditions of these societies are different and there is no unanimity in the features of all states in its early periods of its transformation from the nominal force to the powerful force in the shape of state particularly in India in comparison with other states’ origin and transformation. There is the gap of at least 1000 years to 1500 years between the periods of states origin in these two civilizations in the world we can till now beleive because there are no such archaeological supports in reversing or altering the periods on the timeline of the world civilizations. For those in India whose mother tongue is other than Sanskrit language, the British who translated the four Vedas, including Rig-Veda, from to English are max Muller, and Griffith and they would be grateful to them for all time.


In the Indian history the most striking and positive feature is that the state has not been worked under any influence of the religion, particularly Hinduism, at the same time the Buddhism also did not allow the religion in the states affairs from the formation of the religion and the as identified in the Vedas, Upanishads and other historical books including Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Europeans, Romans and British who were during the middle ages allowed the church to dominate the state and decide the state affairs through the church in the society. The church-state relations were in the legalized form under the domination of the church over the state and its affairs whereas the temple in India to which few acres lands were allotted to run the affairs of the state in the mostly recognized form independence from each other. The Brahmans were only allowed in the occasions of the royal ceremonies and allowed them only to confine themselves in the service of the temple and people with some little gifts offered by the people on the name of god here in India. So the history and origin of the state in India is very different one from the other civilizations from which the state and religion took birth. So the history of India and the other states history is not same one and Indian history have a special attention to dig out and apply it to the present conditions of Indian society in order to find the exact phase of passage of society towards further advancement through identifying the pace and its pulse to confirm what stage we all Indians have to move towards progress and development including understanding the exact conditions of moving the other developed states to where exactly these have to reach through the progress and development in true sense and understanding of the stages of capitalism in the world.                                                                        Ayub Mohammed



I am ayub Mohammed, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, since last 15 years residing in Hyderabad. Graduated in 1983, from Kakatiya University, and completed M.A from Andhra University, in 1985. After wards, continued in law, from Nagarjuna University, from1985 to 88. Now, I like to share with your opinions on the subjects, touching directly and indirectly to the society that influences the ideas and thoughts on each and every issue in the society, as well. Because, the whole global system is asking the humans to work like the machine, moving for them only as slaves, without ideas and dreams in the society. If the poor, even wanted to be a slave to his master, the master is not ready to accept him as a slave. The global masters wants the entire mankind must work like a bull without essentials for their survival, but the human nature continues to separate from the animal trait, through its thinking nature. The conflict stands irresolvable, till the point of reaching of masters and poor on certain understanding, by feeling each other as equal humans in the globe.

Ayub Mohammed



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Christian Community Church-Helping People Overcome The humanitarian crisis

Almost every one of us wants to keep ourselves busy in earning lots of money in order to fulfill our essential basic requirements and needs. For this purpose, we all continue running after something that could help make our dream come true. In this disturbed congested world, the Christian Community Church with the help of the Christian Social Network has taken an initiative regarding to overcome the humanitarian crisis by sending out the message of peace and serenity.

Once you become a member of the network, you are able to share ethics, moral values and integrity with other like-minded people of the Christian community. The main purpose of the network is to let the people know about the true power of God for humanity and make their faith strong on those God’s skills that help the human beings to fight against different adverse situations. This Christian Community Church also provides music, books, screen savers and pamphlets with this sincere outlook.

The site of the Christian Social network is endowed with various amazing features, including videos by Youth Ministries, audio seminars and authors. In addition, members of the network also get an opportunity to conduct different online seminars and meetings. Apart from it, users can also avail with a chance to experience a wide range of Christian products and items such as games, screen savers and eBooks that could be beneficial for those who want to support other organizations. The network is also known for providing a unique collection of Christian screen savers, merchandise, games, t-shirts and religious sermons.

Honestly speaking, these days the Christian Community Church site has now become a great place for all those who want to explore their knowledge on various aspects like moral values, integrity and ethics. Administrators have a keen look at the site 24/7 so that any spammer could not enter the community and interrupt the primary purpose of this platform.

Jimmy Messerer is considered one of the savviest emerging writers of his generation. The author has extensive experience writing on a huge assortment of social networking websites that enable people to connect and share co-workers, family, friends and ministries.for more information please visit, Christian Community Church.

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Letter- Religions Could not Correct the Conduct of the People in the World

Religions could not correct the conduct of the people in the world.


If we have a look on the people who are in jails we shall find that people belonging to all the religions are available there and if we arrange them offence-wise, we shall find that all the people belonging to different religions are committing crimes, sins and misconducts and there is no religion people of which are not committing crimes. So we can that people in this world are religious people and they look religious, but whatever the religions had taught them, they are not following those principles in life and while dealing with others. The main guidelines of all the religions are the same, but since we have been divided, there is no chance of collecting all the people in one group. The people shall remain divided and more and more problems shall be there in the world and ultimately, there are chances that people shall be divided just on the basis of religions and they shall be establishing their separate countries. People will not be adopting the principles of their religions and they shall be forming just separate groups and this division shall continue because all efforts to unite the man have failed.

( Dalip Singh Wasan )Advocate,

101-C-Vikas Colony, Patiala-India-147003.

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Q&A: Why can’t the people around the world unite all Religion as one but keep their sovereign Gods?

Question by John: Why can’t the people around the world unite all Religion as one but keep their sovereign Gods?
All religion around the world is a one world religion, and all the gods around the wold talk to their people in each nation, all different gods talk about one thing is life, survive and thrive this is mankind’s religion is to survive why can’t we unite religion? they may have similarity beliefs, people bought religion as to feel safe to understand in their heart about their history and future. Why can we Unite religion?

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Answer by gutbucket
Simply because all gods are jealous of all other gods.

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Importance Of Religion Amongst People

world religion
by rowanf

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Religion papers do provide you with spiritual information which helps in the growth of an individual and how to relate with the surrounding. Writing of religion papers should be taken like other academic papers although the thing is that they should not be allowed to affect your studies. Most students forget that they are supposed to show what they have learnt in class and thus they start giving their views on other religious. Religion papers are part of your academic essay writing and thus you should treat them as part of your academic coursework. Most essay writing companies will not provide you with quality religion papers such as religion research papers or religion case studies. This is because they have the aim of making money and thus they employ essay writers who got not qualifications.

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Religions Do not Unite the People

Religions do not unite the people

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

It must be accepted that religions could not unite the people of the world. It must be accepted that this world has been divided on the basis of religions and on the administrative side this world is divided on the basis of countries. All these divisions had been wasting the time of the people and it must be on record that most of the wars and conflicts had been there because of establishment of different religions and because of establishment of different countries. Had there been one world and had there been one religion or no religion at all the people of this world could have avoided all these wars and all these conflicts and more time and energy could have been utilized for the welfare of this man and there were chances that more inventions and discoveries could have been made by this man. And had we traveled on the right direction for these centuries, this world would become Heaven we could have seen God with naked eyes.

It must be accepted that all religions had been taking birth at different places and that had been the reason names of religions are different. We do not know much about the basic principles which were laid down at the first instance, but if today, we study the religious scriptures, we come to the conclusion that all the religions tell us the same things and there is no difference in principles of the religions. But the religions have divided the people and now we can recognize a person standing before us and we can tell to which religion this man belongs and what are his thoughts about us. We have different places of worship, different books, different thoughts, different haircut, different languages, different clothes and different way of saluting each other. And at the same time we are divided and we feel that the people in other religions are not taking any interest in our welfare. This is the tragedy with this man and now a stage has come where this man is not in a position to shed off all the religions and establish a common religion. There had been some works toward this direction, but none of the efforts could establish one religion.

The man is still going on and they are establishing different sub religions and they are successful. The people who have adopted this way to earn money, they are successful because it is very easy to collect people in these units and then snatch away money from them. People who have entered this profession are successful and have become known people and at the same time, they have collected huge amounts of money and are enjoying life like rich people and like powerful people.

At present the position is more dangerous because most of the major religions have established themselves and they are at war with each other simply because they are different. All the religions have started establishing themselves and they are constructing big buildings and are collecting all mythology around their religions. They have appointed scholars to dig out mythology and history concerning their religion and they are in competition with each other. People in one religion are telling us that they are the first in finding out real God and they are also saying that they are more powerful only because they belong to that particular religion and others are weak because they belong to another weak and false religion. People are trying to establish that people in their religion are the right persons and people in other religions are false, wrong and unreligious people.

So if the present trends go on, there are chances this world shall be divided into Muslims, Christians and Hindus and there are chances the next division of this world would be based on these three religions and there are chances that all the countries shall be merged religions-wise and there shall be three groups, three countries in the world and there are chances that there should be an upheaval as had happened when Hindustan was divided in 1947 into India and Pakistan in which 8,00,000 people had been killed and atleast 11,00,00,000 had been uprooted and migrated to unknown places. The wise people of the world should sit together and they should try to establish one religion which should be common to all and the present division on the basis of religions should go. Otherwise this world created by God shall turn Hell and we all shall suffer in it.