Q&A: Athiest : Your opinion on past miracles ?

Question by doug: Athiest : Your opinion on past miracles ?
I beleive these are real, but if you had an opportunity to see these by chance, im interested in your belief.

Say, for example like in Portugal 1917. A few kids had visions from the Virgin Mary. Mary said at a certain time and date, she would perform a miracle in a certain location.
So say, like the 70,000 pilgrims like in Portugal, started traveling to the location and you follow too and see out of curiosity. Theres heavy rain, but your clothes aren’t getting wet.
Suddenly you reach the location, then the rain stops and the Sun dances in front of everyone, then flashes brightly and settle back to normal.
Keep in mind technology isnt around to create such an effect in that time.

Google for non biased sites if your interested

Or say your in Jerusalem. Its the Orthodox Christian Easter.
Your with a religious friend.
Your dragged to the service.
Your holding a candle, and suddenly the church is flashing and your candle lights in front of you eyes. the priest exits the tomb with the holy light too, but everyone around you jumps for a piece of the flame. You put you flesh over the flame, but its not burning. Cool effect.
Later after 33 minutes you put flesh over the flame again, but it painfully burns you.

Or say your with a friend with chronic pain without a cure.
There a crying Virgin Mary Icon.
Your friend visits it and has a church member collect the myrth coming out of marys eyes and collect it on a cloth then perform the sign of the cross over the area in pain.
A week later your friend is cured.

In real life would you show interest to Christianity?
Im not forcing you to believe in these events, fully like i do.
Just if you witnessed these HYPOTHETICALY.
Put the number of ones that would interest you, in your answer.
Please, im just asking a hypothetical out of curiosity. I want an honest answer and no abuse at me please.
Your saying hoax come to mind straight away.
Is that how you approach it, Fair enough then.
Stop asking for proof. Its a hypothetical.
Look for proof in google if your into it.
Glen123- your a champ. Your the first to answer it properly. At 17th .

Best answer:

Answer by neil s
Look up “argument from incredulity”. That’s what every miracle claim seems to be.

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