I need help with these questions?

Question by : I need help with these questions?
1- the pope based his claim to authority on the christian leader______

2-people who focused all of their energy on education and learning were best known as
d-the middle class

3-what technique did socrates use to teach his students?
a-taught his students to memorize text
b-questioned his students in order to get them to tink
c-used reasoning with his student to get them to understand
d-he told stories about what he wanted them to learn

4- according to plato ,who should run the goverment?
a-the wealthy
b-the philosophers
c-the poor
d-the middle class

5-the greastes difference between the patrians and the plebeians in rome was
d-forms and entertainment

6-an organized group of people in the same trade or craft who set rules to uphold standardsand protect their members was a an________

7-which of the following is not true abut islam?
a-its founder was mohammed
b-muslims pray 5 times a day
c-muslims must go to medina once in their life
d-dying in a jihad is a sure way to get too heaven

8-highly development courtesy or court manners in medieval times were____

9- the center of the feeudal economy was the _____

10- the purpose of the crusades was to ___
a- show the superiority of christianity
b-kill a lot of muslims
c-drive the muslims from palestine and the holy sites
d-take peasants minds from their many problems

11-the catholic church coul punish members severly by ____ them.

12-minstrels or poet-musicians who traveled from castle to castle singing songs of love and adventure were called______

13- the black dead was actually________ that came to europe from asia in ___________
a-polio,unsanitary wagons
b-typhoid,disease horses
c- bubonic plague , holds of rat-infesed ship
d-smallpox , infected slaves

14- the justinian code was based primarily on
a-roman laws
b-egyptian laws
c-greek laws
d-american laws

15-russian adopted the roman form of dictatorship from julius caesar which the called

16- charles______stopped the muslims from conquering western europe at the battle of_____
a-martel , tours
b-barley ,paris
c-wilkins ,calais
d-the lion-hearted,calais

17- a holy war against non-muslims is a

18- what role did muhammad play in the information of islam ?
a-he was a teacher and a prophet for islam
b-he was god himself
c-he focused on ethical questions
d-he had supernatural powers

19-hinduism’s holy book is the


Best answer:

Answer by VampirexGothxGirl
wow that is a lot.
I’ll tell you about some of them. The rest you really need to do on your own.

3=b-questioned his students in order to get them to think
10=c-drive the muslims from palestine and the holy sites
13=c- bubonic plague , holds of rat-infested ship
14=a-roman laws
18=a-he was a teacher and a prophet for Islam

Hope that helps.

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Need a bit of Christian dating advice?

Question by : Need a bit of Christian dating advice?
I have been dating my girlfriend for six moths now. I vaguely remember hearing from somewhere that as a Christian in the dating world, it is important to know if the person your dating is a virgin or not. (I could be COMPLETELY wrong on this) I have no intentions of having any sexual relation until i am married but still, is this important to know? And if it is – how would i go about finding out? Do i just bluntly ask? I try to include God in everything i do which would include dating and i merely want to do what’s right. Thank you, and God bless.

Best answer:

Answer by Pink Panther
Um yeah just ask randomly no big deal

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I NEED A SCHOOL will you help me find one?

Question by not me but you: I NEED A SCHOOL will you help me find one?
Listen, i asked somthin like this once before but anwsers let me down. Now i must be specific.

I am looking for a boarding school. (i’ll list the states i’m willing to go to last)

I would rather no religious affiliation, but if there has to be one, make it christian.

AND PEOPLE PLEASE, IM NOT A TROUBLED TEEN, i dont know wtf it is with these schools, the only ones i found for christian keeps saying troubled teens. NOT THAT, just a normal christian school Or a normal boarding school with no religious affiliation, with normal people.

Please give me links to actual school sites, or links to a place where they all are together,

But please dont give me something saying
“Example.com go here you can find one”
If you have to do that ok but… if someone else if more specific, u dont win…

lastly the states im willing to travel for it.

nebraska, illinois, wisconsin, michigan, indiana, ohio, missouri, kentucky, arkansas, west virginia, and maybe kansas or oklahoma than
sorry didnt have enough room to say thank you

Best answer:

Answer by Aleta L
You did not include Alabama, but there is a good school in Birmingham called the Alabama School of Arts, Math and Science. They offer boarding, even for out of state students, but you must qualify to attend.

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I need help writing some Christian trivia for a game show?

Question by odugurl03: I need help writing some Christian trivia for a game show?
The questions need to be teen oriented so you can use slang.
For example
1) Name the man that two sisters tried to fight over

Best answer:

Answer by Crispy bacon and eggs
Try “The Applied Bible Dictionary” published by Kingsway.
Very informative, and a great help for crosswords too!

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i need penitence for christian game?

Question by Maria A: i need penitence for christian game?
so i have a retreat coming up guys against girls all adults & kids together playing a bible challenge game and i wanted to come up with a penitence for the loser group i need nice clean suggestions of course because we are a christian church and also there is kids involved … i just have no ideas at all thanks in advance for your answers

Best answer:

Answer by Joy of Man’s Desiring
I have a great idea that not only will be wholesome and educational, but a real challenge, too! How about challenging “the loser group” to write something that demonstrates a worse command of grammar, capitalization, and other concepts of normal writing than your original post? You could add variety by establishing rules such as: 1) It is or is not OK for the penitence to be an overt parody of the original poster; 2) There may or may not be ambiguity between words such as loser and looser; etc. Use your imagination!! This is faith-based after all!!

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Need Easy Christian Dating Personals

With the online world awash with so many Christian Dating Personals, there are certain sneaky people who are using this chance to cheat Christians off their hard earned cash. Whereas Dating Websites supply a great chance to meet honest Single Christians, not all these sites are worth the hype.

Lets explore certain features you must look for in a good Dating Website. These tips will come in handy, whether you wish to join a Dating website or you need to launch your own Website.

With your free membership, you should be able to browse for single Christians looking for partners. Its unfortunate that some Websites only offer paid membership and yet the majority of their profiles are not active.


3. Stay clear off Websites that cant guarantee your privacy. There are some Christian Dating Websites that dont give you complete control over your name, email, etc . This may help you stay anonymous while exchanging conversation with other singles. When it comes to privacy, you check their privacy policy to make sure that your personal info is not being sold to 3rd party websites.


If you’ve been looking out for a way to line up your own online Dating business which incorporates all the above functionalities, why don’t you try our award winning internet dating software and script. Our highly rated software comes integrated with features like BBs, Instant Messenger, Audio and Video chat, PC-PC Talk, and plenty more.

Check out christiandatingpersonals.info for more more information on a good Christian Dating personals.

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I need a cool christian game to play with high school students?

Question by Bekah H: I need a cool christian game to play with high school students?
Im an officer for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and i need a cool game to play with the members. there tends to be between 15 and 35. it’s crazy, i know. but i need to find a game quick.

I hope y’all have some ideas!

Best answer:

Answer by Lord of Numa
Beer Pong. Guaranteed to be an instant hit.

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I need a ,Holy Books, teacher ,If you know one , e-mail (this) to him .thankyou.?

holybooks Astrolgy?

Site all holy books, based on astrology.

01 Newborn Amish (sun child)
02 Redneck Tailor valentine Agriculture custom India
03 Ethnic Spirituals agent ,Bermuda
04 Gladiator mothers,Mobil home,trailers,Islam bedews
05 senator Italians royal Bahrain
06 virginservent scientists teachers kuwait
07 Eastern egg,Japan =sunshine
08 North Niagara falls scotch Russians sisters=morning
09 North (father)Europe Travel Modern Christian, noon = midday
10 USA (grand fathers)Bank Future Judaism , Saturday Jehovah , afternoons = Orange
11 Western Jurassic brothers Irish ascetics Morocco = sunset
12 Southern slave Voodoo cemetery Pyramids Maya Cry Undertaker exit,night = dark

Islam is one of those 12
Islam is mothers believers , not fathers
And they are 12 also

study all holy books – in one language – in Arabic(e.g)
you well Larne from there stories . 12mane stories in the holy books

Traveling from NC to PA next week and need lodging advice?

I am gonna be traveling up I-81 to a big Christian Music Festival in PA next week and my plan was to leave home here in NC on Monday and get a hotel room somewhere around the PA State line about 2 hours from my destination and then get up early Tuesday morning so that I can be there when the Creation Fest gates open @noon but I’m a little tight on funds and can’t seem to find a room for less than $50 on any of the discount travel sites. I have a quick set pop-up tent so I was pondering the ideal of maybe finding a spot somewhere on my route, pitch that thing up and catch a few hours sleep ,then finish my drive out Tuesday morning (btw..it’s an 8 hour drive from where I live in NC to PA). The questions is, Can I “Legally” do this? Does anybody have any advice on a free or very reseaonable way to just catch a few hours sleep other than sleeping in my car (there won’t be room in my car to sleep)? Can I perhaps pop a tent up at a rest area along the way? I’m open to all suggestions as long as it’s legal cause I don’t wanna get arrested. Thanks & God Bless.