Will the new Egyptian government be able to stop an impending Christian vs. Muslim civil war there?

Question by I Score With Every Woman I Meet: Will the new Egyptian government be able to stop an impending Christian vs. Muslim civil war there?
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The place could blow up like Nigeria or Pakistan, with widespread intra-religious warfare.

I think what Egypt needs is a strongman leader like Stalin, who would blow up all the mosques and churches in the country and get rid of religion there. Fighting over land or water makes sense.
But religion? LOL.

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Answer by Punk Rock and Minerals
I dunno
I think once the new government takes place, I think things will settle down

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Grand Knowledge, Globalization, & the Muslim World! – Part Four

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by rowanf

Grand Knowledge, Globalization,  & the Muslim World! – Part Four

Hasan Yahya, Ph.D

What Jihadist think that  Western materialism takes Muslims from their prayers and from their Islamic cultures is not accurate assessment. A society with crimes, violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution, pornography, homosexual exploitation of people and resources is not common among Americans. In addition the perception that of reducing life to a meaningless excuse in fertility is not also common but generalized by outsiders especially Islamists. Many Muslims believe these negativity about America. While America is not unique in these negative social deviances, all nations have the same in various levels.

A great proportion of American society are good people, and trying to live normal life with no involvement in crime, violence, or drug abuse. Americans cannot be enemies and should not be enemies for Muslims, because of simple reason, they are also victims of western secular materialism.

The materialist pop-culture does not represent reality of America. America is not only the political figures, Muslims are thinking about, but social thinkers too, such as Freud, Shakespeare, Nitche, Marx,  and Victor Hugo. Furthermore, Hollywood portrayal of American life  in films and TV shows is simply do not represent American society at large. These perceptions have to be known by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

I think Islam has a different concept of political community, with religion going much further in shaping the state than most Christians would support. Muslims know little about real Americans and vise versa, Most Americans have a distorted view of social attitudes and beliefs of Muslims. I think there is a mutual distrust rooted in religious differences alone. Therefore, it is necessary for different religions followers to share religious worldview to assist the common grounds on issues of ethics and morality. For example, family life, elaborate rituals, holidays, and symbols associated with family very seriously, the good family ethics is highly appreciated. All Americans share the will to have a decent familial life. 

It is a striking matter to find that much of Muslim communities are closely paralleled the concerns voiced by parents in traditional communities in America. The Amish farms residents suffer like Muslims from outside world culture, commitment to work, faith, family ties and values, are common between Muslims and American Conservative Christians. Americans are friendly, cherish hard work, and enjoy fun times in holidays. The wonderful habits among Americans and all residents of America regardless of race, ethnic backgrounds, or religion is “mutual respect” among human beings. In the Muslim world too, much of the  traditional people have these habits. But films, stereotyping, make Arabs and Muslims take a position as with or against a person for his nationality, race, or sex. With no mutual respect, which needs, to be learned in schools, workplaces, and universities. Religion never calls for discrimination among people. Ethnicity in culturally bound with the past history and traditional norms negate principles of religion. “La Ikraha fiddin” is a rule from God, means no compulsion in religion, who wants to be disbeliever, let be, and who wanted to be believer, let be. And if God Wishes all of the people on earth to be Muslims, He will do it, but His  Wish is you be different. These are Qur’an rules. But cultural practices of racism, discrimination and begotry follow tribal and national lines, take for example, Kuwatization, Saudization, and Jordan First, etc., are taken symbols seriously in many Muslim nations. The nation created these discriminative rules among the same religion followers. The Gulf states  citizens act as if they are masters, different and privileged over foreigners, Arabs or non-Arabs. The topic continues. (6227 words)

Hasan Yahya, is an American Arab scholar, a professor of Sociology, a columnist at wfol.tv, Malaysia, and TINA International News Agency, Chicago, USA. www.hasanyahya.com

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Balancing World News and Muslim Views

With a world of mass-media and internet reaching every single household, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed the entire human race with a single world view of global events. Anyone can easily surf the web and find out about new perspectives and ideas from around the globe. Today, some rights group and not for profit media groups are emerging to explore this single power of the internet and the highbred mass media technologies to present the facts and truths behind world views through unbiased analyses and opinion expressions. Islamtribune.com is one of such groups and sites, with its major interest in balancing world views and Muslim news with the sole aim of arriving at the truth and nothing but the truth.

It is a well known fact that totalitarian regimes especially within the Muslim world and the Middle East, are constantly engaged in relentless efforts to muffle  the highbred technologies of mass media like the internet from infringing on their national or regional privacies for security , political or diplomatic reasons,  while on the other hand,  the western interests are seen to be exploiting the powers of the  big  conventional mass media corporations to tilt world views to their advantage against the interest of  other regions of the globe, especially the Muslim world and the Middle East.

Ample evidences demonstrate that since the infamy of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center; the bitter relationship between the Middle East, the Islam world and the Western powers has deepened. As a result, it is becoming clear as alleged that the western media corporations are carrying out destructive propaganda onslaught against the Middle East and the Islam World to accomplish the ulterior motive of those behind their sponsorship, by presenting Muslim views with negative connotation. To make it worst, the economic powers, financial powers and the diplomatic influence of these western mass media giants makes it very easy for them to sound louder and more colorfully real than those that are likely objective in the broadcast of Muslim views, thereby influencing world views against Muslim world.

Today, Islamtribune, a not for profit  online magazine published in the United States of America, is exploiting the inherent opportunities of the new mass media platforms not only  to disseminate  new ideas, ideologies  and perspectives to the other part of the globe, but also to balance diverse world views on events taking place in different parts of the global with the prime aim of dissecting the truth and facts behind these events by offering a truth based insight into the common views of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims on global events and issues and also create a veritable forum  for healthy discussion between Muslim, Christians, Jews and people of other faiths.

With the above objective, Islamtribune is able to stand as the vanguard of peaceful relations among the diverse cultures of the world and its people by providing a forum for the respectful discussion of opposing viewpoints as a way of promoting social justice.

So, with its unbiased and up-to-the-minute updated news and opinion analyses on events around the globe, Islamtribune is helping to balance world News and Muslim views among others at Islamtribune.com by projecting the objective truth when it comes to broadcasting news from the Muslim world and the Middle East.

Jim Fry





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Religions And The Muslim Philosophy!

Religions and the Muslim Philosophy!

By: H.A. Yahya, Professor of Sociology

It never came to my mind to stand against the basic beliefs of the religions of God.  The different and changing testimonies of the followers of these religions make me defend philosophy in the face of  practiced religions of the world. It is my position, that if a certain religion promotes hatred of other religions or beliefs,  is not a religion. And therefore, it should be attacked on the basis of justice. If  the laws of each religion justify hatred of other religions, then it should be understood, that my actions are also, justified.

Philosophically speaking,  mind is the basic ingredient of human differentiate him from animal, and therefore, human should use their minds to promote happiness in life Not in the unseen life. Reality described by philosophers through the separation of Spirit and Body. While spirit cannot be defeated or demolished completely, as we know,  the body is limited by age. Age is limited by years, but soul is not limited by years.

Mind should be the strong castle of human to defend superstitious ideas and metaphysical phenomena. Limitation of human mind is combined with limitation of humans’ age on earth. Other humans may continue using the mind to continue the march toward unfolding knowledge about the Universe. But one human cannot do so. The works of old philosopher are leading but not completing the modern human mind. Socrat,  Galileo, Christ, and Pain and many others were excluded  from their communities and paid their lives for what they believe in. Their intuition was leading humans to use their minds for the purpose of having happy life, by applying the logic of this life at its best.

Religion and Time: The majority of the ignorant theology, and the powerful authority in the absence of logic have lost in historical events, the essence of human existence on Earth. Even in these days of 2008, the world still governed by the majority ignorant or the powerful authority who believe that war for example, is the only way to protect the self or the  nation’s interest. Unfortunately, the knowledge obtained so far, about the world was used to destroy it. Or to destroy human happiness. We know that values are changing, the good of the past is no more good in present .  Values of the rich is very much different from the poor values.  And values of ignorant people are different from those of well advanced in knowledge.

Human Being is no more living for their family, wife, and kids, They are working for their own pleasures. Money is no more serving the purpose of basic needs, it becomes numbers like human beings. Numbers without feelings, without minds, without souls. Money should not be an end by itself, but a means to survive and serve those who need it. Look for the Oil producing countries, how they are fooled by oil companies. Oil is contributing in the world misery of millions of people in poor countries around the world including the countries producing or consuming oil.  In the poor countries, war between religious sects is inevitable, and in the rich countries, the distance between poor and rich is sky rocketing.  So you might ask, what is the solution for the world to come to mind?

This is a good question, and it makes anyone-including myself-nervous. But to be nervous, is not the right way to answer the question. The question, anyhow, is part of the answer. The terms used in the question, how? Read it again, we may replace the first term (what?) in the question by the last term (mind) to become, “mind is the solution for the world to come to.” As you see, the solution  is using the mind. Not emotions or feelings or faiths. It is simply the mind which lead us to understand ourselves, to understand  our environmental surroundings, the nature, and the creatures in it. Is this hard to grasp or comprehend ? I did not think so.  In the case of religions, if Jews, Christians, Muslims or any other faith followers use their minds to solve their problems, especially in Palestine, sure they will be able to reach a conflict-free world all over. (709 words)