Does anyone know the name of the lady author that writes Christian love stories & each is placed inall states?

She writes love stories God based, she did one for each state and has now started in U.S.A. Cities. I was able on a plane to start reading a ladies book it was the one places in CA. I was able to read 3 chapters & it starts out with a hispanic field worker who is starting to go into labor her name is ‘Felicia the Boss Man is Chad and he helped her get into the hospital and it throughout the years had never helped anyone and was confused with his own feelings, very mixed up and that he felt compelled to help her and both the lady who was pregnant, her husband had been dead I believe 8 years hadn’t been a good man. Chad had lost his wife and child, the baby that Felicia had was named Nataniel ( ironically my own son was named Nathaniel David which means ‘beloved gift of God where as Nataniel means ‘gift of God) I want SO to find out this author so I can start reading her line of books. Books are a passion of mine, I’m disabled and was a only child so books have been a best friend to me all of my life. I can go places through books and walk normally without pain and travel; ( something else I love and was able to do a lot as a child and prior to my accident at work in Prescott, AZ which happened when I was 29 I’m now almost 51. My health over the years there was one time 5 years after my very last surgery, that didn’t last very long maybe 2 years, I wasn’t well so to speak, but I became so hopeful that I would get my real life back, but things happened with my back and without the power of God to change things, lets put it this way, I don’t even have dreams of being painless, and honestly know there was 29 years without, but I can’t honestly remember what it felt like to be pain free. I explained all this to show all of you that this isn’t just a casual desire, books “do” take me and show me places where I can place myself and there is no pain in the book. Don’t misunderstand me, I still in this world am experiencing pain and there are many times the pain is too bad to even read. So, when I can, boy! I like going into the book, it’s truly a gift to read and be able to imagine yourself in the book, I learned that when I was a very little girl, we never lived anywhere long, hard to make friends because you make some and all of a sudden we move again, and we weren’t even a military family my father had a bad case of wander lust don’t most of us, but he actually followed his dreams, which was cool but hard for a little only child who had a huge love of life and curiosity that I think is common of only children. ( I did have a brother, but he died when I was 3 so…) Anyway, if anyone out there in the yahoo community knows who she is I would be very grateful to have her name. I live alone with a dog and have no close family. My father is still alive and healthy as a horse but my Momma sweet Momma died 3 yrs ago and he changed and pushed all away. They had been married 50 years. She was our love glue that stuck our family together, my children 2 are grown and live far away with their own families and very busy lives so, it’s just me here. This would truly be a Christmas present to be remembered for years as well as whomever knows this author. I love the yahoo family they are kind and gentle and empathetic and friendly and helpful. In any event, I want all of you to be blessed and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate during the seasons. Thanks! Have a wonderful day and if no one has told you that you are loved, let me be the first if you have not, that you are loved, special and not alone although it may feel that way. Just take a leap of faith and step into the community of YAHOO and the staff, the people that are here are real and caring and WILL help. No, they are not face to face, but I have acquired long lifetime friends through this site. So, HO HO HO! Merry CHRISTMAS!