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The Bible, History and God’s promises to his people come alive in Israel. Inner Faith Travel provides the medium for Christians and messianic believers to best experience the living reality of the Holy Land. Inner Faith Travel provides customised tours for pastors, churches, academic study tours, prayer tours or youth groups covering the land from Dan to Beersheba and further afield to the Negev, Red Sea, Mt Sanai, Egypt and Jordan, the back drop of Biblical events. Inner Faith Travel’s licensed tour guides bring to life these ancient sites while giving you insight into modern Israel. Inner Faith Travel provides the personal touch in everything from tour guides to quality accommodation, from ground transportation to exquisite meals, to offer a full picture of Israel past and present. Contrary to what the media sometimes portrays, travel in Israel is safe. One way to meet local believers is to attend one of the numerous Christian and messianic conferences in Israel including the International Christian Embassy feast of tabernacles plus many others. Inner Faith Travel lists numerous satisfied clients. Experiencing the Biblical source in the Promised Land is life changing at any age. Book your tour of Holy Land of Israel with Inner Faith Travel today.
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Traveling to different sites in Poland and Israel concerning the Motion Picture and its true story “Schindler’s List”

Church Of The Beatitudes Israel Rarity movie on the church of the Beatitudes where Jesus Christ made the mircale with the fish and the bread. The Beatitudes (from Latin beatus, meaning “blessed” or “happy”[1]) is the beginning portion of the Sermon on the Mount of the Gospel of Matthew. Some are also recorded in the Gospel of Luke. In the section, Jesus describes the qualities of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of heaven and indicates how each is or will be blessed. The Beatitudes do not describe many separate individuals, but rather all the specific characteristics each must have to experience heaven. Biblical scholar and author Andrej Kodjak has stated that this opening of the sermon was designed to shock the audience as a deliberate inversion of standard values, but this shock value has been lost today due to the commonness of the text.[2] The blessed nature that these characteristics endow is not meant to be considered from a worldly perspective, but from a psychological perspective. The word traditionally translated into English as “blessed” or “happy” is in the Greek original ???????? (makarios). A more literal translation into contemporary English may be “possessing an inward contentedness and joy that is not affected by the physical circumstances”. The Beatitudes imply that people not normally considered blessed on Earth are in fact blessed by God and will experience the Kingdom of Heaven. These verses are quoted early in the Divine Liturgy of John Chrysostom as part of the

There’s a country called Israel, why do some people call Hebrew a dead language?

Question by Swimmer: There’s a country called Israel, why do some people call Hebrew a dead language?
I’m not Jewish. I’m a Christian fluent in Hebrew.

I’ve traveled to Israel. It’s an entire country where people speak Hebrew.

There are entire TV networks in Hebrew. Radio stations in Hebrew. There are street signs, ads, menus, libraries with books, all of them in HEBREW.

There are millions of web sites and YouTube videos in Hebrew.

Here in America, whenever I say I speak Hebrew, people say: “Why are you wasting time with a dead language?”

It’s an entire country of people who speak the language.

How can anyone call Hebrew a dead language?

Best answer:

Answer by Lord Ugh of the Dwarven Peeps
Some people are ignorant (intentionally or unintentionally), others intend to be insulting.
Perhaps to those people, since they don’t think it has any effect on their lives, it has never been “alive”.

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Take a Virtual Tour of Israel: Christian Tour

Take a tour of Israel: see the breathtaking sites and plan your next trip! In this video: visit the ancient churches and walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ through the city of Jerusalem in the first day of a tour dedicated to the Christian faith. To see the rest of this tour, and many others, visit our Virtual Tour at or visit the Israel Ministry of Tourism website:

Israel aims to entice Christian tourists

Israel aims to entice Christian tourists
Israel is inviting tourists to retrace the footsteps of the Virgin Mary, officials said Tuesday, in the latest campaign to bring Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land.
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The sacred beauty of New Zealand’s Bay of Islands
New Zealand’s Bay of Islands was much fought over but is now a beautiful haven of calm.
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Iraq tourism hangs in balance at Babylon
The words “tourism” and “Iraq” don’t often get used in the same sentence these days, but if a new project to help preserve the historic ruins of Babylon pays off, archaeologists and officials say the country could soon be back on the international travel map.
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Christian Sites in Northern Israel

Over 100000 Christian pilgrimages are expected to take place this Christmas in Israel. One of the most popular Christian tourists’ sites is the Sea of Galilee. Tourists travel north to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and experience the bible. From the site where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan to the Tagba church where the miracle of the loaves and fishes took place; check out Israel21c to learn about the most popular tourist attractions for your next trip to Israel.

The Most Popular Travel Destinations In Israel

Many people make the most out of their time off work and school by traveling to the different places that would let them experience the beauty of the world. There are those who embark on such travel packages as European expeditions, Asian tours and Mediterranean cruises, to name a few. Each new place they visit etches a deep memory in their minds and touches their hearts. However, there is one travel experience that will truly alter their lives in one way or another. Christian tours to Israel offer a life-changing experience that will surely ignite the Christian faith of everyone who participates in them. Not only do Christian tours to Israel enhance one’s knowledge of the holy book, but also strengthen his or her spirituality. These tours offer private tour guides and are designed to fortify the foundations of the participants’ Christian faith while they enjoy a truly unforgettable travel experience. Christian group tours of Israel make stories we have read in the Bible and heard of in the homilies during mass more real. They are great for the individuals who feel alone, are in the quest for answers and meaning, lost and wish to communicate with God. They are also popular among those who want to renew their faith, attend and serve in the church, and constantly listen to the good news of the Lord. The places included in the itineraries of the tours offered will definitely cause every participant to have a deeper reflection of their Christian faith. The list below shows the destinations in Israel that are worth-visiting. 1. Jerusalem – A trip to Israel is never complete without a visit to Jerusalem. It is the most popular city in the country. The guided tours allow you to have a spectacular view as well as a great insight of the Old and New Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. The Western Wall, which is considered the holiest site in Jerusalem, is also a place you can visit. It is located in the Jewish Quarter. Golgotha, the place near the location where Jesus was crucified, is one of the places in Jerusalem that every traveler should not miss. Other popular spots in Jerusalem that you should visit are the Christian Quarter through the Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulture, Cardo (the old Roman market), the Holocaust memorial museum called the Yad Vashem, Temple Mount, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Dome of the Rock, King David’s tomb, the Last Supper and the Dormition Abbey. 2. Nazareth – As we all know, Nazareth is the birthplace of Jesus, which makes this part of your Israel trip one of the most spiritual trips you will ever have in your entire life. The best places to visit in Nazareth are the Church of Annunciation, Joseph’s workshop and the Nazareth Synagogue. 3. Galilee – Perhaps one of the most moving stories in the Bible is the story where Jesus walked on water. See the vast Sea of Galilee as you cross above it via cable car. 4. The Dead Sea – Driving through the coast of the Dead Sea with the picturesque view of the Judean Desert alone makes this trip so worth it. Meals are served at Abraham’s tent. Maximize the break time given during the tour. Swim in the Dead Sea and float effortlessly on its salt concentrated waters. The Dead Sea Resort is also there for you to check into. They offer a very relaxing and healing mud treatment. 5. Masada – Another way to see the Dead Sea from a close distance is through Masada. Visit the richness of the very impressive world heritage Herodes palace. Despite all the things we hear from the international news channels today, Israel remains to be one of the most sacred places on earth. It is the center of three major religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The destinations mentioned above are just some of the holiest places in the world. Going to these places that every Christian know by heart is a truly extraordinary experience. Israel gives you the opportunity to have a taste of the Bible’s richness and reality. After having explored Israel, you will never read the Bible and listen to homilies the same way again as you have already gained a fuller understanding of the good news from your Israel travel experience.

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Get ready to see the Biblical sites with your own eyes. Join our Christian group tours of Israel and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

i would like to go to Israel ,i would like to hear from others who have been there ,their experiences?

i am thinking of visiting Israel, visiting the Christian sites, even going to the Jordan river to be Baptized, can those or anyone give me some good information .,places to stay,ways to get around locally, (i would like to visit and stay perhaps a month) where are all the good places to be when not touring around? nice shopping, how to travel locally, cab? bus? which is better? good places to eat places to stay for weeks or month or more without going into debt, what is it like to rent apts , with $2,000 a month what can be accomplished in Israel, living and touring thanks for any answers and information and personal experience thank you God Bless
thank you all for these nice answers, very good answers thank you
thank you all for these nice answers, very good answers thank you
thank you all for these nice answers, very good answers thank you

Israel Travel Highlights

Israel is an exciting and rewarding place to travel. The country is brim-full of ancient historical and non secular sites, impossible to believe geographic variation for such a little country, great food, usually wonderful weather, and an engaging blend of cultures. Sadly it is a country in conflict, and the portrayal of this region on the news frightened a large amount of travelers away from this interesting land.

From a geographic perspective, Israel is so different from region to area that it feels like many different states in one. The coastal plain which encompasses the cities of Tel-Aviv and Haifa features rolling sand dunes and palm trees, pretty beaches, and mild but really wet subtropical weather. It is a great area to absorb the sun, enjoy nightlife, and absorb the ambience of modern Israel’s culture. Yafo is a part of Tel Aviv, and is a restored traditional city all the way back to biblical times. Further north in Haifa you can visit the world HQ of the Baha’i faith. Further north in Akko you can visit the Medieval old city and experience its Arabic atmosphere.

To the east of Haifa and Akko lies the Galilee region, the area where Jesus was raised. Nazareth is populated mainly with Israeli Arab citizens, so you can experience the contrast with Jewish Israeli culture. This is where Jesus walked on water, and where John the Baptist was baptised. There is some beautiful views in the area, and some beautiful churches devoted to Jesus and events concerning him in the area.

In the south of Israel lies the Negev desert, the latest and driest part of Israel. Its main focal point is the resort city of Eilat, which is famous for scubadiving, snorkelling, and pleasant weather year round. The summers in Eilat , however , are freakishly hot, infrequently reaching fifty degrees. Bring a bathing suit!

And of course the jewel in the crown of any trip to Israel is Jerusalem. Lying in the Judaen hills and having a faith heritage rivalled by no other city on Earth, Jerusalem has a cultural atmosphere like nowhere else in Israel. This is the place where King Solomon ruled, where Muhammad rose to heaven, and where Jesus was crucified. The Old city of Jerusalem lies in East Jerusalem and has a Palestinian majority, so you can experience the Palestinian way of living while also seeing the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian holy sites inside its walls. The city of Bethlehem lies just to the south of Jerusalem, but inside the Palestinian autonomous area. Many travellers visit Bethlehem and it is generally safe.

Talking to Israelis and Palestinians and understanding their country, its conflict, and its cultures is a fascinating and eye-opening experience.

Billy Bobb is a zealous traveler and citizen of the world. He could be a geography nerd and can study maps for hours on end. His blog Free Printable Maps features maps and travel destination profiles such as

Billy Bobb is an enthusiastic traveler and citizen of the world. He could be a geography nerd and can study maps for hours on end. His blog Free Printable Maps features maps and travel destination profiles such as