Netters eliminated in Section individual play

Netters eliminated in Section individual play
None of the Blue Earth Area Buccaneer tennis players survived the first day of action at the Section 2A Tennis Singles and Doubles Tournament on Thursday, Oct. 13. In singles action, Buccaneer eighth grader Karli Olsen won her first match of the day
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Trophy premonition comes true for Timothy Christian boys golf
York's winners were Maria Avgerinos at singles and the doubles team of Gabby Riek and Torrie Graham. They defeated their teammates in the finals as Angela Avgerinos took second in singles, while doubles partners Ellen Barry and Blaire Porter also
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Meetings, Events
Singles Dance, 8 to 11:30 pm Oct. 26 at South Sioux Eagles Club, 801 W. 13th St., Hwy. 77 Bypass, South Sioux City, Neb. Music by Norgaard Country. Admission: $ 6. Creepy Critters program, 4 pm Oct. 25 at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center.
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Religion be a Concern of Individual

Religion be a concern of individual.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

Time has come when we all should decide that our religion is our individual concern and we have got no right to talk to others on this subject. Religions had been created and established by man on this earth just to find out the methods of talking to God and in fact, originally all the religions were talking of prayers to God and nothing more. And when we consider the case of prayer, we come to the conclusion that prayer is our individual concern and it has got nothing to do with others. When we pray before God, we have got our own problems and we are praying for the solution of those problems and at rare case we are really paying for others. The people we hire to pray for us are not having any interest in our demands, they themselves are under troubles and therefore, they are not praying for the person who has hired them, but they are praying for the solution of their own problems and that is the reason the people who do not pray themselves and hire people are not successful people and their prayers do not reach God.

Religion had been a good concept till it had been an individual’s concern, but when it came out of the individual-bounds, it started playing havoc with the life of the people around them. We have seen that one group relating to one religion had been fighting against the other group of people having another religion and they had been killing each other. If we go deep in history, we find that people had been fighting on the basis of religions and it is on record that the winners had been converting the new subjects to their own religions and the people who were not agreeing were killed or forced to convert. We have seen in history that religious places of one religions had been demolished and the new rulers had been constructing religions places of their own religion and at times all the religious books of one religion had been destroyed. As and when religion came out of individual bounds, it played havoc with the life of those who were not following the religion of others.

Religions gave us instructions for conducting prayer and that is the reason in each region there are different methods of conducting prayers and that is the reason each religion has got its own name and its own religious books. Even religious places and religious books are different and even methods prescribed are different. All the religions have got something common, but even then people of each religion are trying to establish that their religion stands at a better place. God is one, we are sent by God, we all live life as per directions of God and as and when He recalls us, we go back and after our death we are called upon to explain our work and conduct following during life time and then the decision lies with God who may send us to Hell and Heaven. These principles are one and same in all the religious books, but even then people of one religion are trying to establish that their religion is better.

We are sorry to note that religions have come out of the individual bounds and now these are touching our social life too and because of these extra-entries, we are being divided into different religions and at present some of the religions are at fight and they are trying to establish their supremacy. Some are turning terrorists, some are starting committing riots and some are trying to establish their supremacy through wars and use of war-heads and thus a new type of imperialism is coming down on earth. In spite of all efforts, none could establish a common religion and it seems there is no chance to establish a common religion. Here history shall repeat and there are chances the next world war could be on religion based war and people of one religion shall try to finish the people in other religion, because conversion is not possible now.

There is no one who can stop the fundamentalists to think over the matter and should once again take back the religions to the individual concern and all entries in other fields of life should be banned by law. Religion should remain an individual concern and it should not be allowed to go out and all competitions on the basis of religions must stop. We must accept that all religions are good and there is no religion who is better than the other religions.


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