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Click More www.MarketingJesusChrist.com Bob Conklin no. 2 of 2.Also see this love message to Bob as he is in the hospital for a possible Gall Blader probelm. http 70 Megs 4 minutes 4 seconds. See Bob’s Website at : www.MarketingJesusChrist.com This is a faith message from Bob Conklin in Houston, TX Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church “Testimony of real life changing faith You can learn more about using YouTube as a valuable tool by viewing my user friendly information and tips site by CLICKING BELOW or copying and pasting this address in your browser www.IdeaPhotos.com Remember to save it in your favorites for future reference on problems with learning all about YouTube. It is very handy and easy to use when you are new to using YouTube A compendium on a single very large page. Just keep scanning down for hundreds of tips. Call Brian Nelson 713-467-3025. You can learn more about using YouTube by viewing my user friendly information and tips site by CLICKING BELOW or copying and pasting this address in your browser www.IdeaPhotos.com Remember to save it in your favorites for future reference on problems with learning all about YouTube. It is very handy and easy to use when you are new to using YouTube A compendium on a single very large page. Just keep scanning down for hundreds of tips. YouTube Tips and Instructions Printer Friendly Version: www.IdeaPhotos.com 40 pages (2) YouTube Data for BrianNelson123. Hi, My goal is to get thousands of people to make a difference in
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New Hope Games Introduces the Most Exciting, Spirit-Filled, Scripture Game of the Century Called Kingdom

(PRWEB) August 28, 2004

The Kingdom is a brand new bible learning game that’s a fun way for your family and friends to learn and experience the teachings of the Holy Bible.

Eric comments, “My family played The Kingdom Game at our family night. We learned so much and had so much fun, we made it a regular part of our weekly fellowship.”

The Kingdom Game is also an excellent way to teach children the Bible and it’s principles. It provides endless hours of enjoyable educational entertainment at home, Sunday school classes, youth groups, bible study groups. Every christian family should have The Kingdom Game.

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I hope India win the World Cup for Tendulkar: Ojha

I hope India win the World Cup for Tendulkar: Ojha
With World Cup Trophy being the missing feather from Sachin Tendulkar’s dazzling cap, left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha hopes that the tournament favourites India will do it this time as a special tribute to the milestone man.
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Gulf airlines to fuel demand for MRO service
The demand for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service is set to grow significantly in the Middle East region in the coming years, led mainly by the ambitious fleet expansion by major airlines of the Gulf region, a senior official of Lufthansa Technik, one of the world’s largest MRO service providers has said.
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Christian Blog offers Insightful Help and Hope

You can receive the help and hope needed to make it through this time and journey of your life with the help of a Christian blog. The lessons learned through the journey experienced from someone else can assist you on your journey.  Receive tremendous help from a Christian article.


A Christian blog offer help and hope for those who need a helping hand. Through the assistance of more mature Christians we can make it through the bumps in life. Everyone has a journey to travel through in their life and God cares about your life. The very hairs of your head are numbered by your heavenly Father. You were intricately and beautifully created in the womb and your life matters.


People of all ages and backgrounds appreciate the assistance and hope offered through a timely Christian article published on a Christian blog. The lessons learned by one person who shares their experience on  Christian blogs can assist you in avoiding the same mistakes or failure by learning from the knowledge and wisdom which they are able to offer you now. Your footsteps are ordered by God and as you receive the help offered through other mature Christians you can receive a lifeline of hope and the restorative empowerment offered through faith in Jesus Christ. There are many journeys in life which can be made easier with the help of a mature believer. It is similar to that secular song, “Lean on Me”. Though the assistance of a mature online writer you can find someone to lean on for truth and courage.


The Internet offers many temptations which can lead to the destruction of relationships, marriages, and peace of mind as well as the destruction of a right relationship with God. But the Internet also offers a tremendous connection between believers which will assist one another in their walk with God. As you read a Christian article posted on the Christian blog you can learn how to step into the privileges available to you through Jesus Christ. You can avoid the struggles and hardships that many experience in their Christian walk due to not knowing how to develop a relationship with their Savior. Jesus not only died for your sins but He offers you a friendship; a relationship which will transform your life and restore your peace, joy and comfort. Jesus sees each tear that you cry and He hears you when you pray;  Christian blogs are one way that the Lord speaks to those who need renewed hope and courage to face tomorrow and to conquer their fears so that they can step into the promises that they know are available through Jesus.


A church blog will provide you with insight into what is happening in your life. An insightful Christian article found on a Christian blog site is written from the heart of a believer who cares about you. The compassion of Christ leads a leader to pour out his heart and share insights that will lead your steps into the peace and hope offered in Jesus. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) The bumps in life can be made smooth as you seek and receive the truth offered on Christian blogs.

Bumponablog.com is a Christian blog site and is an excellent source for Christian blogs designed to encourage pastors, church leaders, and all believers to continue fighting for the cause of their Faith.

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A Game of Hope

Kids from two Texas high schools learn how football can impact life beyond the field, thanks to one game. Story and Coverage by Matt Barrie, NBC Sports, Dallas-Fortworth, TX.
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41 Christian Cullen Test Tries, he would score 5 more tries in tests 42 Vs France, Paris 2000 43 Vs Italy, Hamilton 2002 44 Vs Fiji, Wellington 2002 45 VS Fiji, Wellington 2002 46 Vs Fiji, Wellington 2002 he played his last test on Nov 16 2002 against France in Paris 58 tests, 46 tries, 3 convertions, 236 points vs Argentina – 2 games, 3 tries vs Australia – 15 games, 8 tries vs England – 5 games, 2 tries vs Fiji – 2 games, 5 tries vs France – 5 games, 3 tries vs Ireland – 1 game, 0 tries vs Italy – 3 games, 2 tries vs Samoa – 2 games, 3 tries vs Scotland – 5 games, 6 tries vs South Africa – 15 games, 10 tries vs Tonga – 2 games, 1 try vs Wales – 1 game, 3 tries non test matches vs Llanelli – 1 game, 4 tries vs New Zealand A – 1 game, 2 tries the greatest sportsman of all time
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Drug Rehab Offers Christians New Hope

Christians with rehab and drug abuse issues are eager to understand them, treat them, and to resume a fully productive and satisfying Christ-centered life.

I. How Drug Abuse Starts for Christians

There are many reasons that can contribute to using illegal drugs, and abusing prescription drugs.

Hostility, Anger, or Resentment: When we feel others have power over us, it can feel oppressive, unfair, or unjust. Resentment and anger can build up inside of us, until the point where we can hardly stand it. We want to strike out against those who hurt us, either literally or figuratively.

Retaliation and Pushing Back: We may feel aggressive and frustrated. We want to be more in charge of the situation, but feel we are not. We figure if someone hurts us, we will just push the other way, and hurt them back.

Burying and Hiding Feelings: We try to avoid getting into trouble or confronting our feelings by lying about what is going on. We lie to ourselves and we lie to others. (Me upset? No, I am not upset!) And so, our emotions are hidden deeper and deeper under our facade of lies.

Blaming Others: When things do not go our way, we try to maintain our self-esteem by making it appear to be the fault of someone else. We try to make somebody else look bad.

Reactive Domination: Sometimes when we feel we are not in charge, we try to reverse the situation by acting like we are the Arnold Schwartzenegger of the universe. We act like we are in charge, but deep inside we know we are just fearful. This dichotomy between these two personas, makes us feel bad, and contributes to our guilt and unhappiness.

II. What Happens Next In Christian Drug Use

As the devil of substance abuse begins to enter our life, we are still trying to cope.

We try everything:

– Avoiding time at home.

– Running away for the weekend.

– Making up fantasies that our life is different.

– Daydreaming.

– Sleeping excessively.

– Avoiding human contact.

– Watching television or playing video games.

– Staying at work.

– Keeping to ourselves.

– Pretending we are sick.

– Drifting into depression.

III. When Christians Need Drug Rehab

When you see that drugs are entering your life, and your life as you knew it is vanishing away, that is the time to consider drug rehabb.

Denying that you need help is the greatest hazard. Do not wait until you have lost everything. As soon as you recognize the land mines in your life, seek out a drug rehab.

In looking for a drug rehabilitation program, Christians should utilize the most current information available. Searching the World Wide Web (Internet) may be helpful.

The most important thing for Christians is to search for appropriate treatment for drug dependence, and get signed up as soon as possible. You life could depend on it.

Sobriety comes one step at a time. You are invited to continue learning about Christian drug rehab and how
Christians in recovery .