Why does the news media focus on alleged Tea Party racism and ignore anti-Christian Democrats?

Question by Gavin Cato: Why does the news media focus on alleged Tea Party racism and ignore anti-Christian Democrats?
I understand that for leftist types, what they call racism is the greatest evil in the world and so they can’t get over this. Anyhow, go to any Democratic event and you can find Christ haters with insulting bumber stickers on their hybrids and Volvos. Why is this ignored while so much focus is put on a few alleged racists at Tea Parties?
Noah, I have known and worked with many hardcore activist Democrats. Many of them openly express their hatred for traditional Christianity.

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Answer by Hale
Because the “news media” is mostly Democrats…..

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Religious leaders focus on similarities on World Peace Day

Religious leaders focus on similarities on World Peace Day
Religious leaders at a prayer service Sunday involving followers of several different faiths did not set out to change the world in one sitting. But they say cooperation and friendship among the faiths could help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.
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Poetic farewell to religious certainty
The lyrics teach that the false certainties of evangelical Christianity are as arid as shrill, negative materialism Since Einstein developed his theory of relativity , and Rutherford and Bohr revolutionised physics, our picture of the world has radically changed. Yet no poet, to my knowledge, in any European language, has really explored the implications of all this for the way in which we view …
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Digital Praise to Exhibit in the Focus on the Family Booth at CBA International 2004; Christian Game Developer to Unveil Two New Interactive Game Titles to Assist Christian Booksellers in Capitalizing on the $7 Billion U.S. Entertainment Software Industry

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2004 –

Â? Digital Praise Inc. announced today that it will exhibit in the Focus on the Family booth (number 1621) at this yearÂ?s CBA International show in Atlanta. During the event, the company will offer attendees an exclusive sneak peak of two new and exciting interactive computer games based on the ever-popular Adventures in Odyssey radio program. The titlesÂ?Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of the Spirit and Adventures in Odyssey and the Treasure of the IncasÂ?were announced today in a separate, joint release by Digital Praise and Focus on the Family.

Christian Games: An Opportunity for Christian Booksellers

An enormous appetite exists for Christian entertainment in various forms. The recent success of Christian music, books, movies, television and art all testify to the importance of Christian content in all media. There is also evident growth in the U.S. entertainment software industryÂ?up 8% in sales to $ 7 billion in 20031. Recognizing growth in both the Christian entertainment and the software entertainment markets, Digital Praise predicts healthy demand in the emerging interactive Christian games market.

Â?Interactive Christian games represent a burgeoning market, with annual sales estimates ranging between $ 100 and $ 200 million,Â? said Tom Bean, president and CEO of Digital Praise. Â?Industry executives compare the increasing demand for Christian computer games today with the growth in Christian music seen in years past. Our goal is to provide top-quality titles that will allow Christian booksellers to take full advantage of the huge opportunity that the Christian games market presents.Â?

Â?Adventures in Odyssey is one of the strongest entertainment brands among Christian families,Â? said Michael Sparks, manager of Christian Book Center in Newark, CA. Â?With the combination of this hugely popular brand and a growing interest in interactive Christian games, I expect the new Adventures in Odyssey titles from Digital Praise to be among my best-selling software titles, especially as the Christmas season approaches.Â?

Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of the Spirit and Adventures in Odyssey the Treasure of the Incas are designed for ages 8 and up, and each promises hours of exciting game play. Expected to be available this fall for both the PC and Macintosh platforms, the games emphasize challenging, fun game play in a context that reinforces personal virtue and family values such as cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness. Each title is priced at $ 29.95 (MSRP).

Resellers interested in more information about Digital Praise and the new Adventures in Odyssey interactive computer games can contact 510-770-0244 or sales@digitalpraise.com.

About Digital Praise Inc.

Digital Praise (www.digitalpraise.com) is an independent developer and publisher of interactive Christian games for kids, teens, adults and parents. The company produces games that are designed for families looking to enjoy interactive entertainment software that promotes virtues and family values like cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness, without the violence, hatred, horror and sex that fills computer gaming today. The companyÂ?s goal is to equivocate the Digital Praise brand with Â?just good clean fun.Â? Focus on the Family has granted Digital Praise the rights to publish interactive games based on its world-renowned radio program, Adventures in Odyssey. The company is located in Fremont, CA.

1 Â? Entertainment Software Association.

Digital Praise is a trademark of Digital Praise Inc. Adventures in Odyssey is a registered trademark of Focus on the Family. All other trademarks and trade names are hereby recognized and may be registered to their respective owners.

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