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‘I Once Was Lost’ is a Christian comedy about the humor, havoc and heartaches that come along with dating when you refuse to compromise your faith. In Episode #1, Elaine explores the possibilities of internet dating at the insistence of her close friend, roommate and serial dater, Lauren. WWW.IONCEWASLOSTTHESERIES.COM This series features music by: Lecrae, Sho Baraka and Trip Lee. Visit: for more information on these and other faith based Hip Hop and R&B artists. Produced by Elaine Alaniz Written by: Nikki Chiemelu & Elaine Alaniz Developed by: Nikki Chiemelu Directed & Edited by: Joe Medina copyright 2010 Nahum 17 Productions, LLC.
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In this culture it is accepted and encouraged to be emotionally and physically intimate with someone WHILE getting to know them and BEFORE any type of commitment. If your goal is marriage, this video explains a better, safer, and more efficient way to cultivate a meaning relationship. Divorce statistics: Music: Prince Ea “Different Girl” Facebook Page: Twitter:

Christian Dating- Webisode #4 “I Once Was Lost”- The Series-“Put A Ring On It” (@elainealaniz)

Sunday at Church turns out to be anything but a peaceful afternoon as Lauren scouts for a new man while Elaine comes across some vicious pastor groupies. WWW.IONCEWASLOSTTHESERIES.COM Created & Produced by: Elaine Alaniz Written by: Nikki Chiemelu & Elaine Alaniz Developed by: Nikki Chiemelu Directed by: Joe Medina Edited by: Scott Marett This episode featured music by: Lecrae “Live Free.”. Visit: & Dwayne Tryumf “Proverbs 31 Woman” Visit For more information on these and other faith based Hip Hop and R&B artists that were featured on the show please visit WWW.IONCEWASLOSTTHESERIES.COM and click on “the music” tab. copyright 2010 Nahum 17 Productions, LLC.
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Ladies, one of the major qualities you should look for in a guy is his value for the presence of God. This video explains why. Dont go for the guy that has the bling and the material things, go for the one who knows and loves God.
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I Once Was Lost Real, funny, crazy but always true to heart, ‘I Once Was Lost’ takes on a topic that so many of us deal with in our everyday lives but rarely see presented on screen: dating as a Christian. As a young, single professional living in the big city, Elaine wants the same thing every other young Christian woman wants: someone to share her life with and someone who shares her beliefs. You’d think that wouldn’t be too hard to find, right? Think again. As Elaine navigates her way through the dating world, she soon discovers that trying to find Mr. Right while staying on the right path is easier said than done. From Speedo-wearing religion hoppers to kleptomaniacs to wanna-be Christian rock stars with delusions of grandeur, Elaine soon realizes that dating in the Christian world is more complicated and far crazier than she ever imagined. Despite all of the disastrous dating mishaps, Elaine is still determined not to compromise her faith for love and prove that in order to find “The One,” you don’t have to lose yourself in the process. Originally touted as Sex and the City goes to church, IOWL has become much more than that one-liner implies. Given its strong Christian themes, humor, and music, which has become an integral and popular part of the series, IOWL is a hit among women and men alike among broad demographics. Episodes 1-8 is available on YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, and Episodes 9 coming soon! Created & Written By: Elaine Alaniz Developed

Where does dating belong in the church? Should Christians date? What does the Bible have to say?
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