Drug Rehab Offers Christians New Hope

Christians with rehab and drug abuse issues are eager to understand them, treat them, and to resume a fully productive and satisfying Christ-centered life.

I. How Drug Abuse Starts for Christians

There are many reasons that can contribute to using illegal drugs, and abusing prescription drugs.

Hostility, Anger, or Resentment: When we feel others have power over us, it can feel oppressive, unfair, or unjust. Resentment and anger can build up inside of us, until the point where we can hardly stand it. We want to strike out against those who hurt us, either literally or figuratively.

Retaliation and Pushing Back: We may feel aggressive and frustrated. We want to be more in charge of the situation, but feel we are not. We figure if someone hurts us, we will just push the other way, and hurt them back.

Burying and Hiding Feelings: We try to avoid getting into trouble or confronting our feelings by lying about what is going on. We lie to ourselves and we lie to others. (Me upset? No, I am not upset!) And so, our emotions are hidden deeper and deeper under our facade of lies.

Blaming Others: When things do not go our way, we try to maintain our self-esteem by making it appear to be the fault of someone else. We try to make somebody else look bad.

Reactive Domination: Sometimes when we feel we are not in charge, we try to reverse the situation by acting like we are the Arnold Schwartzenegger of the universe. We act like we are in charge, but deep inside we know we are just fearful. This dichotomy between these two personas, makes us feel bad, and contributes to our guilt and unhappiness.

II. What Happens Next In Christian Drug Use

As the devil of substance abuse begins to enter our life, we are still trying to cope.

We try everything:

– Avoiding time at home.

– Running away for the weekend.

– Making up fantasies that our life is different.

– Daydreaming.

– Sleeping excessively.

– Avoiding human contact.

– Watching television or playing video games.

– Staying at work.

– Keeping to ourselves.

– Pretending we are sick.

– Drifting into depression.

III. When Christians Need Drug Rehab

When you see that drugs are entering your life, and your life as you knew it is vanishing away, that is the time to consider drug rehabb.

Denying that you need help is the greatest hazard. Do not wait until you have lost everything. As soon as you recognize the land mines in your life, seek out a drug rehab.

In looking for a drug rehabilitation program, Christians should utilize the most current information available. Searching the World Wide Web (Internet) may be helpful.

The most important thing for Christians is to search for appropriate treatment for drug dependence, and get signed up as soon as possible. You life could depend on it.

Sobriety comes one step at a time. You are invited to continue learning about Christian drug rehab and how
Christians in recovery .