Spanish Language Christian Computer Game Las Par?bolas Interactivas Set to Reach New Market for Christian Game Developers

Corvallis, OR (PRWEB) August 24, 2006

GraceWorks Interactive is pleased to announce the release of Spanish Language Version of The Interactive Parables, Las Parábolas Interactivas. This is the first Spanish-language release for the company and is set to challenge and expand the existing market by appealing to the rapidly growing number of spanish-speaking Christians in the United States and around the world. The English language version is currently available in religious bookstores nationwide and both versions can be purchased online at:. or

Interactive Parables has been Family Approved by The Dove Foundation and also received the Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval. The Spanish language version was made possible through the translations efforts of volunteer translators Alejandro Garcia-Flores, Alfonso M. Camacho Ortiz, and Jennifer Perry.

“Too many companies, Christian or not, neglect the Spanish-speaking market. This often leads to fewer sales and a diminished experience for players,” says translator, Alfonso M. Camacho.

Las Parábolas Interactivas joins a growing group of religious software for the Spanish-speaking community. Other notable releases include the Bible Encyclopedia’s iLumina: Vive la Biblia, and the Beginners Bible series, which is also available in English and Spanish. Las Parábolas Interactivas marks the first time that an American game localized for that market.

“It makes both spiritual and moral sense to create a Spanish-language version of Interactive Parables,” adds Producer and Owner of GraceWorks Interactive, Tim Emmerich. “We were blessed by the hard work of our translation team and look forward to introducing interactive Christian gaming to new audiences.”


A 3D World Spanning 20 Levels with 24 Lessons from the Parables


In the game, the player experiences a 3D world filled with keys, power-up stars, fiery darts, ice to slide on, zeppelins to fly on, and more. While navigating the world and collecting items and points, the player is answering questions based on the lesson chosen. This full integration of the learning and fun experience is a powerful combination. For a list of lessons, see and

Las Parábolas Interactivas uses the original lessons crafted and guided by W. Gregg Strawn, a minister in Corvallis, Oregon, for 25 years. Given Gregg’s experience, the Bible content is rock solid.


Media Respond Positively to Interactive Parables:


Family Friendly Gaming

“Interactive Parables is exactly what a video game should be. It is deep fun that not only challenges, but also educates and enriches at the same time. Kudos to GraceWorks Interactive, we are looking forward to more good games from them in the future. We highly recommend this game.”

Christian Centered Game Reviews:

“Graceworks Interactive sets an shining example for all other video game development companies to follow with their recent release of Interactive Parables”

GraceWorks Interactive has also partnered with Jeff and Natasha Spicer to do the Russian Translation, which will be released within a year. Their next lesson set will focus on one of the gospels and will ship initially in English in 2007.


Pricing, Abailability


Las Parábolas Interactivas, produced and published by GraceWorks Interactive, is priced at $ 14.95. The game will work on any Windows-enabled (98 and later) personal computers with a basic 3-D video card that supports DirectX version 8 or later. It will be available at many Christian retail stores across the U.S. as well as from at web sites.

About GraceWorks Interactive:

GraceWorks Interactive is involved in the development and distribution of Christian Games. We are committed to growing the community of Christian Game Developers as God directs and blesses. For more informations visit

About W. Gregg Strawn:

W. Gregg Strawn has been a minister for over 25 years serving both youth and congregations. He is the author of the main lessons found in Interactive Parables.


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PORTLAND, OR (PRWEB) April 23, 2004

The Christian Game Developers Conference ( today announces their third annual expo, to be held in Portland, Oregon, on July 30-31.

“Our sponsors have been very generous this year!” says conference organizer Tim Emmerich of GraceWorks Interactive (” Returning sponsors include the Intel Bible-based Christian Network (IBCN), providing a 10 workstation PC lab, Micro Forté, hosting the Saturday Dinner and Fellowship and GarageGames providing licenses to their Torque Gaming Engine.

Emmerich continues, “Without all of our sponsors’ help, this would not have been possible. Thank you for assistance in helping create quality, family-friendly computer games. We are truly blessed by our sponsors.” Jay Moore, Evangelist for GarageGames adds, “We’re excited to be sponsors for the third year, GarageGames is always looking for ways to empower developers with a passion for making great games.”

Responding to feedback from last year’s conference, the 2004 Christian Game Developers Conference will continue to feature discussion sessions but will also include more hands-on workshops, exhibit areas and press conferences.

The expo is rapidly becoming a premiere spot for developers to announce projects and discuss issues important to the future of Christian gaming, This year’s lineup includes a press conference by Two Guys Software, developers of “Eternal War,” voted Game of the Year at last year’s CGDC and the announcement of a new Christian games association.

The speaker lineup continues to be a focal point of the Christian Game Developers Conference. This year, audiences will be able to learn from industry leaders including Clay Stevens of Keystone Interactive (, Jay Moore of GarageGames (, David Koch of Seraphite Media and representatives from the independent game development community will all present discussions this year.

The expo also officially expands to include card, board and paper game developers along side interactive electronic entertainment. The expo’s mission is to gather everyone together for encouragement, leverage and to pray for our efforts. “This year’s expo will more fully support developers targeting card, paper and board game markets,” Emmerich said. “Last year, attendees from those entertainment forms resoundingly agreed to join the CGDC rather than try to set up a separate expo. In addition, we will discuss the goals of Christian gaming, what content we hope to provide and how to fund projects and publish them. We also plan to examine the variety of games currently on the market and successes in other media such as “The Passion of The Christ” and the “Left Behind” series, which proved that Bible-based products can do well in the market if they are well made.”

Registration is now open and information, including the full roster of speakers and events as well as travel and lodging options is available online at .

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Now in its third year, the Christian Game Developers Conference, CGDC ( continues to provide support and fellowship to game developers who are Christian and also those who are producing Christian games. The conference now includes card, board and paper game developers along side computer and video game developers.

Christian Game Developers Conference is a client of


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