Q&A: Does anyone know of any good Christian singles dating sites that are totally free to join and email members?

Question by shutterbug60: Does anyone know of any good Christian singles dating sites that are totally free to join and email members?

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Answer by xo Sara
im christian and single

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Cool Christian Travel Sites images

A few nice christian travel sites images I found:

It’s a Bloody Long Walk…
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Image by spdl_n1
It doesn’t look it here, but it’s a long, steep climb up to Deir Mar Musa from the car park at the bottom of the hill.

Deir Mar Musa el-Habashi is a Christian monastery located in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains to the north of Damascus. It was founded in the 6th century by St Moses (no, not *that* Moses) on the site of earlier Roman fortifications, before falling into disuse in the 1830s. An Italian priest, Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, visited the ruins in the 1980s, fell in love with them, and soon set to work to put them back into use.

Typically for Syrian Christians, the monastery takes great pains to build bridges with the local Islamic community. However, unusually for Syrian Christian institutions, Mar Musa is ecumenical (there are both Catholic and Orthodox inhabitants) and mixed (the monastery houses monks and nuns).

It’s a special, lovely place, and well worth a visit if you’ve a spare half-day in Damascus. I like how you can hardly see the monastery buildings in this shot – they just blend in with the rocks. Many visitors think there’s quite a Tibetan feel to Mar Musa – but having never been to Tibet, I wouldn’t know one way or the other…

The Path to St. Andrews (Explored #354)
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Image by Roads Less Traveled Photography
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The Saint Andrew’s Church (Ukrainian: ????i?????? ??????; Russian: ??????????? ???????) is a major Baroque church located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The church was constructed in 1747–1754, to a design by the Imperial Russian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

The Saint Andrew’s Church overlooks the historic Podil neighborhood, situated on a steep hill to which the church gave its current name Andriyivska Hill.


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Home of the Stylite
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Image by spdl_n1
After a recovery of sorts from her stomach bug, Emma and I decided to go out to the ruins of St Simeon, a church cum basilica cum fortress complex which sprung up around the column originally inhabited by St Simeon the Stylite.

Unfortunately, Emma took a turn for the worse en route to St Simeon’s, and didn’t explore the site – she was only capable of sitting under a pine tree whilst I went off to play.

Christian Dating – Webisode #1 “I Once Was Lost” – The Series “Computer Love” (@elainealaniz)

‘I Once Was Lost’ is a Christian comedy about the humor, havoc and heartaches that come along with dating when you refuse to compromise your faith. In Episode #1, Elaine explores the possibilities of internet dating at the insistence of her close friend, roommate and serial dater, Lauren. WWW.IONCEWASLOSTTHESERIES.COM www.facebook.com www.twitter.com This series features music by: Lecrae, Sho Baraka and Trip Lee. Visit: www.reachrecords.com for more information on these and other faith based Hip Hop and R&B artists. Produced by Elaine Alaniz Written by: Nikki Chiemelu & Elaine Alaniz Developed by: Nikki Chiemelu Directed & Edited by: Joe Medina copyright 2010 Nahum 17 Productions, LLC.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this culture it is accepted and encouraged to be emotionally and physically intimate with someone WHILE getting to know them and BEFORE any type of commitment. If your goal is marriage, this video explains a better, safer, and more efficient way to cultivate a meaning relationship. Divorce statistics: www.divorcerate.org Music: Prince Ea “Different Girl” Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/torahcents Twitter: www.twitter.com/torahcents

Arrest of Wheaton College Professor Shows Failure of Church to Build Christian Character, According to Author of ‘The Casual Christian’

Wheaton, IL (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

Donald Ratcliff, 60, of Carol Stream, IL, a professor of Christian education at Wheaton College, was recently charged with two counts of aggravated child pornography for downloading images of underage children from pornographic websites onto his home computer, according to a March 1st report by CBS News, Chicago. Bail was set at $ 750,000. (Christian Broadcasting Network, March 4, 2012, staff reporter)

The DuPage County Internet Crimes Unit detected a pattern of downloads of images of underraged children from pornographic sites to Mr. Ratcliffe’s home computer. The author of The Casual Christian, a graduate of Wheaton College, points to this as another example of how Christian institutions have failed to equip believers for the challenges of living in an increasingly pagan culture.

Olson says, “In recent years it has become virtually impossible to distinguish Christian lifestyles from those of the general public. Mr. Ratcliffe is one of a growing number of Christians who have no idea what normative Christian behavior is from a historical perspective.”

In his book, Ten Reasons We Fail in Evangelism, Jerry Harmon says:

“?????Ninety-five percent of all Christians have never won a soul to Christ.

????Eighty percent of all Christians do not consistently witness for Christ.
????Less than two percent are involved in the ministry of evangelism.
????Seventy-one percent give nothing toward the financing of the Great Commission.
????Sixty-three percent of church leadership, including deacons and pastors, have not led a single stranger to Jesus in the last two years.
????Forty-nine percent of Christian leaders spend zero time in an average week ministering outside of the church.
????Nine percent of leaders have zero time reserved on their list of weekly priorities for going out to evangelize.”

According to a study by the Barna Group entitled, ?Surprisingly Few Adults Outside of Christianity Have Positive Views of Christians,? evangelicals rated tenth out of eleven groups on positive impression, beating out only prostitutes. Less than half the respondents had a favorable impression of ministers and less than a third gave born again Christians a thumbs-up.

“Still Christian leaders somehow cannot draw the connection from the declining moral and ethical standards in the Christian community to a church that has failed to produce Christian character,” says Olson.

He goes on, “Most church leaders hold to the notion that spiritual growth is the goal of Christian ministry. On the other hand, the Bible says that the goal of ministry is development of Christian character.”

Second Peter 1: 5-7 lays out Christian character development in a progression:

?For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith excellence, to excellence, knowledge; to knowledge, self-control; to self-control, perseverance; to perseverance, godliness; to godliness, brotherly affection; to brotherly affection, unselfish love? (2 Pet 1:5-7).

One could diagram Christian growth this way:

From Faith to???? Excellence to???? Knowledge to????Self Control to Perseverance to????Godliness to????Brotherly Affection to Unselfish Love.

Each quality builds on the one before it until the ultimate goal is reached which is unselfish love. In a sense one could say that the selfishness is being wrung out of human nature little by little throughout the process until it is completely removed in the final step – a step which no one ever completely attains.

This same process is embodied in some fifty ‘one anothers’ of scripture. They shape up this way in order of occurrence:

Love (11)

Humble, Submit, Service, Honor, Harmony, Agree (8),

Mercy, Compassion, Forgive, Forbear, Patience (8),

Affection (5),

Teach, Admonish, Worship, Meet (4),

Encourage (3).

Once again love is ranked highest on the scale of importance, although most modern church leaders would place teaching and worship at the top of the list.

“It is important to note,” says Olson, “that the biggest difference between spiritual growth and character development is that one is tangible and the other is not. When spiritual growth becomes the object of ministry, outcomes are nebulous. One cannot judge another’s prayer life or his devotion to God, so growth is not quantifiable. But it is possible to measure character development by the way the believer interacts with others. The Apostle Paul provided such an evaluation at the beginning of every letter he wrote to the churches.

“Pastors fail to see the connection between the obvious lack of Christian qualities in the church and the effectiveness of their ministries, precisely because they have abandoned character development for spiritual growth. To make matters worse, they reject all scrutiny of their methods as church bashing or spiritual insubordination. Until now they have been exempt from the professional standards enforced upon secular institutions. Recently a new element of accountability has been added by special police task forces that monitor downloads of images from pornographic websites and trace them to the personal computers of unsuspecting targets.”

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Cool Christian Singles images

A few nice christian singles images I found:

Festive appearance of traditional Greek Russian Orthodox Spires, Orthodox Church of All Russian Saints, Burlingame, California, USA
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Image by Wonderlane
"The Domes. The peaked Russian dome draws our yearning and aspiration upward toward God and the spiritual life. Like its ancestor the round Byzantine dome, the Russian dome celebrates in architecture what is accomplished by the Eucharistic Sacrament – the communion of heaven and earth. A single dome symbolizes the One Head of the Church, Jesus Christ; three domes stand for the Holy Trinity; five domes point to Christ and the Four Evangelists.

The Russian Orthodox Cross. On top of every dome, and throughout the church, you see the unique Russian three-bar cross. The top bar bears the sign "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews," reminding us that Christ is the King of Glory. The footboard, which was used by Roman executioners in Christ’s time, is slanted up on the right for the thief who repented and down on the left for the thief who railed at Christ."


141 – Gun Hill Signal Station
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Image by chriggy1
Just below the signal station, ther’s a huge lion which is carved out of a single piece of rock.

Q&A: How do I get rid of this “Meet Christian Singles” link (it’s not a pop-up)?

Question by : How do I get rid of this “Meet Christian Singles” link (it’s not a pop-up)?
I mean no offense to others but I am not Christian. I want no dates. There is a Cross with a “meet Christian singles” link as a part of my page. It’s not an ad or pop up. I find it presumptuous and offensive and want it gone. Can someone help me?
As soon as I asked it turned into a netflix ad. Thanks for the answers, folks. Was really tired of looking at that cross.

Best answer:

Answer by Mark S
It’s on everyone’s page. It is an advertiser that pays for their little logo to be put there. Not too much I think you can do. Sorry.

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