There’s a country called Israel, why do some people call Hebrew a dead language?

Question by Swimmer: There’s a country called Israel, why do some people call Hebrew a dead language?
I’m not Jewish. I’m a Christian fluent in Hebrew.

I’ve traveled to Israel. It’s an entire country where people speak Hebrew.

There are entire TV networks in Hebrew. Radio stations in Hebrew. There are street signs, ads, menus, libraries with books, all of them in HEBREW.

There are millions of web sites and YouTube videos in Hebrew.

Here in America, whenever I say I speak Hebrew, people say: “Why are you wasting time with a dead language?”

It’s an entire country of people who speak the language.

How can anyone call Hebrew a dead language?

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Answer by Lord Ugh of the Dwarven Peeps
Some people are ignorant (intentionally or unintentionally), others intend to be insulting.
Perhaps to those people, since they don’t think it has any effect on their lives, it has never been “alive”.

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3rd Part : The pagan moon cult called Islam. Islam is not a religion

The moon cult was thus well known to Mohammed and had been in existence for 3000 years before his birth. Al-Kindi, one of the early Christian apologists against Islam, pointed out that Islam and its god Allah did not come from the Bible but from the paganism of the Sabeans who inhabited northern Arabia. They did not worship the God of the Bible but the Moon-god and his daughters al-Uzza, al-Lat and Manat. Dr. Newman concludes his study of the early Christian-Muslim debates by stating, “Islam proved itself to be…a separate and antagonistic religion which had sprung up from idolatry.” Islamic scholar Caesar Farah concluded “There is no reason, therefore, to accept the idea that Allah passed to the Muslims from the Christians and Jews.”


Why would moon cult worship pass from the Judeo-Christian world to the Arabic? Moon cult worship has existed for millenia in the Middle East, and polytheistic moon worshipping societies, such as pre-Mohammed Arabia, were the norm, not the exception. Islam is fundamentally a moon cult, polytheistic, primitive and contradictory. Equating ‘Allah’ which is never defined nor illustrated by Mohammed with Christian or Jewish ideas of God is simply madness.


Islam is not a religion in the Western Judeo-Christian sense of that word. Probably the best definition of ‘religion’ is this one by Michael York of Bath Spa University College, Bath, UK who defines it as:


“A shared positing of the identity of and relationship between the world, humanity and the supernatural in terms of meaning assignment, value allocation and validation enactment. A religion need not accept or believe in the supernatural, but it takes a position on. Likewise, some religions deny the reality or at least value of the world, but they still take a position.”


Religion is largely monotheistic and an enterprise of spirituality, designed to provide a road map for living, a set of laws and ethics, and to regulate behavior through such ethics and perhaps ritual. At its core any religion must be based on some pagan practice. Religious ideas have to have antecedents. But here is the crucial difference between a real religion and a cult. In the cult, the individual has no free will, no independent power, no responsibility, no self-made destiny. He exists to please the cult and its symbol. Submission, follow, repent, and accept. Period. This is Islam. This is Nazism. This is commmunism.


Christianity is wholly different. There are pagan aspects to Christianity of course. Christianity was a Jewish offshoot and the Jews lived and developed their ideology in a turbulent and multi-ethnic and dimensional world. But Christianity exults the individual. There is free will. Freedom of choice. A division between the church and state. A protection of women and the weak. And there is the golden rule – ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’. None of these concepts can be found in pagan cults. The pagan cult demands the communal and the unthinking loyalty of the mass. Christianity preaches the opposite.


Islam is not a religon in our Western sense of what constitutes a religion. It is a cult of obedience and submission. Hence Islam meaning submission, is a very good word choice indeed for the millenia old Arab moon cult.

Islam is not a religion in the Western Judeo-Christian sense of that word. The Koran is supremacist.  To read more, go

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