Married And Singles Christians – What Are Your Beliefs When It Comes To Sex And The Single Christian?

Question by slc_225: Married And Singles Christians – What Are Your Beliefs When It Comes To Sex And The Single Christian?
All comments are welcome, whether you are a Christian or not. However, I am especially interested in the views of those who are Christians.

Single and married Christians, men and women. When it comes to our faith, what are your views concerning sex and the single Christian?

Do you believe that abstinence until marriage is only for the young, or do you believe that fornication is a sin no matter how old a person is?

I am not asking this question for myself. I am single, but I believe that sex without marriage is fornication and that fornication is a sin as the Bible says, but I’m curious to find out what you believe.
I would like to take a moment and clear up a misconception to those of you who are not Christians.

Sometimes Christians are viewed as prudes and people who hate sex and believe that it is something dirty. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the first place, we are all here *because* of sex. We are also sexual beings, and sex is a divine creation (and gift to married people, men and women) from God. I am not forcing my beliefs on you, just stating some things I believe are true.

Best answer:

Answer by jesusfrk
Sin is sin, no matter the age. Sex is a gift from God to the married folks only. God knows what is best. Think of the mess that happens when people do it their own way. There is unwanted pregnancies, diseases, emotional baggage, I am sure the list could go on and on.

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