Testify To Love (Avalon) Sfc Singles For Christ

All the colors of the rainbow All of voices of the wind Every dream that reaches out That reaches out to find where love begins Every word of every story Every star in every sky Every corner of creation lives to testify For as long as I shall live I will testify to love I’ll be a whitness in the silences when words are not enough With every breath I take I will give thanks to God above For as long as I shall live I will testify to love From the mountains to the valleys From the rivers to the sea Every hand that reaches out Every hand that reaches out to offer peace Every simple act of mercy Every step to kingdom come All the Hope in every heart will speak what love has done.
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BE YOUR OWN BRAND!!! Sarah…Esther…and Mary were all women mentioned in the Bible that were very well branded. When you hear their names you automatically KNOW what time it is. It is also very realistic that YOU can also become a great Brand as well. 🙂 Ending Instrumental provided by: Ron Thomas from www.vyshynentertainment.net Co-ed Clubs Meetup.com (type in your zip code)

25 Responses to “Testify To Love (Avalon) Sfc Singles For Christ”

  1. Justasimpleservant74 says:

    Soooo? wise!!!! Please keep it up sis:)

  2. sincerlyurs123 says:

    lol @? “Aye you see me! I look good aint it!” <-- I see this so much! outrageous

  3. blackpanther622 says:


  4. MsNDS76 says:


  5. shepherd246 says:

    You’re? really right…but I still like Nicki Minaj. Lol “^.^”

  6. joeymwilson says:

    Love it! You’re informative, hilarious ad adorable, great work!!?

  7. tp123456able says:

    God bless you my sister,I wish I had? you as a friend when I was growing up,But I thank God for your videos.You’re a blessing.

  8. MrLawrence7777 says:

    Great video TorahCents, keep doing what you are doing, trust me, you? will reach them. Be blessed in The Lord.

  9. tigriskhan971 says:

    I truly enjoyed this video, even more than your? first two. It was very thoughtful and well resourced. And had things that even I, a male, can use. Even though I’m a confirmed Coke drinker, the marketing angle was very inspired. Truly a shining light in the YouTube Universe. Well Done!!!

  10. TheFashionableChic says:

    @TorahCents? Great marketing techniques and push and pull strategies

  11. studiousangel says:

    girl you should write? a book

  12. ashmikeyjat says:

    I love what how you are allowing God to use you! So wise for your years. As a mentor to young? women I often advise single saved women on many of your points. I’m going to use ur vids as a teaching tool.

  13. noslim9 says:

    Ok i c ur vision torah.but Lets jus b honest.how many yung bw do u think gives a damn abt wat? ur speking abt? Not many,sad but tru.these women love thugs and drug dealers and murderers,in fact they embrace them with love and sincerity.u speak of women lookin to the future,but they liv for da moment.

  14. nellysonic says:

    I like your attitude your so wise and smart im sick of these women thinking a man has to suck up to them and beg? and seek high and low for them ur a wise woman

  15. KingYesMan says:

    you have some very funny vids & make you really think, but as a sister you be coming off like you preaching not cause you call out scrips but you break them down as well & i’m just saying be careful you have a LOT of people watching you & w/ good intentions you can mislead someone like that by you know being a man to preach (even some of them don’t need to but..)…i’m just saying? please don’t take offense just take it easy w/ the preaching =)

  16. DrReefy says:

    TorahCents, this is incredible material that you’re producing, please keep up the good work. My mother use to speak on these same topics with brutal honesty, she was a true brand and teacher to her children. I wish she was here to hear this. I’m posting this for everyone I know, especially for those who do not understand how very important character and divinity? is for a successful relationship or marriage.

  17. mrschosen says:

    you are something else!?

  18. Jarreau24 says:

    excellent and love? your spirit u said it right, keep on doing these videos they are awesome

  19. innaturalstateofmind says:

    “A guy that sees a woman with hardly any packaging on might leave her on the shelf? due that she may be stale.” This is truth!! Great job on ALL of your videos! Peace and Blessings to you and yours.

  20. POPPDARIPPA says:

    Wow you are truly a wise women! You should? lay hands on every women you meet! lol

  21. UnleashedGraffixx says:

    Gotta? start it over… didn’t know I needed to take notes. Will you be my mentor? lol

  22. flemsdaughter71 says:


  23. keitht47 says:

    Shalom sister! Yahuwah has really? given you a creative way to pass on His wisdom!
    Your insights are humorous and true. I hope message reaches the flock. I’ll do my part and pass it along to my contacts. May Yahuwah continue to bless you and your family in Yahushuwah’s Name.

  24. IlSoffione says:

    I love you!!? Seriously, I’m going to save this for my daughter.

  25. nellabellajellybean says:

    Funny I was jus tellin my family I was advertisin, and that you had to be careful WHAT you advetise… Wonderful? post!!

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