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A few nice christian dating images I found:

Waggoner IL – Christian Church (1 of 3)
christian dating
Image by myoldpostcards
The Waggoner Christian Church was built in 1926, and replaced an earlier church dating from 1891.

Waggoner is a village in Montgomery County, and is located about 30 miles south of Springfield on I-55 (take Farmersville exit). The population of Waggoner was 245 at the 2000 Census.

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Date Mitsumune
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Image by jpellgen
This is a poor shot inside the Sankei-den. The man riding the horse is Date Mitsumune, and the men around him are retainers who committed seppuku upon the death of their master. The entire inside of the mausoleum is covered in gold. Mitsumune was the son of Tadamune, and also the great-grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu. He died at the young age of 19. Some believe he was poisoned because he was a danger to the power of the Tokugawa.

Built in 1646 by Date Tadamune (1599-1658), Entsu-in is a Buddhist temple in Matsushima honoring his son, Mitsumune (1627-1645), who died at an early age. The temple includes a mausoleum as well as a rose garden and famous rock garden. The temple is also known for hidden Christian symbolism seen throughout the grounds.

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