Is there a dating site for Messianic Jews and Christian Singles?

Question by : Is there a dating site for Messianic Jews and Christian Singles?

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Answer by Mel
I don’t know one. May 21, 2011 this world will being to come to it’s end. Christ will return. Learn more at…

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  1. ? says:

    There are probably tons of Christian dating sites. I think Google will bring you to some.

    I would think most dating web sites should have a religion option, and some sort of way to make it sure that it would work. That is one thing that could make or breaks a marriage.

    As for Messianic Jews, while most Jews don’t consider them real Jews, many singles probably have an account on jdate. Hey, gentiles are perfectly allowed to go onto jdate, and I’ve heard of many who actually do have a profile on there.

  2. Bluestein says:

    Yes, there is just one for Messianic Jews (called Messianic Connections).

    There are many Christian dating services.

    On both however, be ready to be matched with people across the USA, you’ll get names from every state in the union.

    The best way of meeting someone is to attend a Temple, Church or Congregation — many of the activities are social with separate groups for singles.

    I wish you my best!

  3. Mark says:

    Try – Though the site is more general and everyone can join.

  4. Suckels Clown of Rightiousness says:

    Near the top of the middle of this web page is a search answers box. Type in “Messianic” then hit the search button. In the upper right hand corner you will see a link that says “Messianic Jewish Singles Photos, Email, Chat, IM & More. Register & Post Free Profile…” I did not go to the web site but that’s what the ad said. It seems that some Jews do think that Messianic Jews are Jews.
    Happy Dating

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