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Festive appearance of traditional Greek Russian Orthodox Spires, Orthodox Church of All Russian Saints, Burlingame, California, USA
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Image by Wonderlane
"The Domes. The peaked Russian dome draws our yearning and aspiration upward toward God and the spiritual life. Like its ancestor the round Byzantine dome, the Russian dome celebrates in architecture what is accomplished by the Eucharistic Sacrament – the communion of heaven and earth. A single dome symbolizes the One Head of the Church, Jesus Christ; three domes stand for the Holy Trinity; five domes point to Christ and the Four Evangelists.

The Russian Orthodox Cross. On top of every dome, and throughout the church, you see the unique Russian three-bar cross. The top bar bears the sign "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews," reminding us that Christ is the King of Glory. The footboard, which was used by Roman executioners in Christ’s time, is slanted up on the right for the thief who repented and down on the left for the thief who railed at Christ."

141 – Gun Hill Signal Station
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Image by chriggy1
Just below the signal station, ther’s a huge lion which is carved out of a single piece of rock.

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