Christian Dating- Webisode #4 “I Once Was Lost”- The Series-“Put A Ring On It” (@elainealaniz)

Sunday at Church turns out to be anything but a peaceful afternoon as Lauren scouts for a new man while Elaine comes across some vicious pastor groupies. WWW.IONCEWASLOSTTHESERIES.COM Created & Produced by: Elaine Alaniz Written by: Nikki Chiemelu & Elaine Alaniz Developed by: Nikki Chiemelu Directed by: Joe Medina Edited by: Scott Marett This episode featured music by: Lecrae “Live Free.”. Visit: & Dwayne Tryumf “Proverbs 31 Woman” Visit For more information on these and other faith based Hip Hop and R&B artists that were featured on the show please visit WWW.IONCEWASLOSTTHESERIES.COM and click on “the music” tab. copyright 2010 Nahum 17 Productions, LLC.
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Ladies, one of the major qualities you should look for in a guy is his value for the presence of God. This video explains why. Dont go for the guy that has the bling and the material things, go for the one who knows and loves God.
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20 Responses to “Christian Dating- Webisode #4 “I Once Was Lost”- The Series-“Put A Ring On It” (@elainealaniz)”

  1. syvci says:

    this video is hillarious!!? love it!!

  2. 007GodsWarrior says:

    Continue to allow God to take you? higher and higher

  3. NarnianLady says:

    LOL? pastor groupies indeed

  4. exmiranda says:


  5. JermaineJHaggerty123 says:

    hahahahaahahah WOW She Said “Preach,? AMEN!” At A Bake Sale hahahahaha WOW!!!!

  6. knbranch says:

    That? was good.

  7. blakevega says:

    Yes!!! Keep keeping on! We need some originality and? idealism in films/tv shows

  8. GeorgeRaphaelHarriss says:

    “Preach! Amen!”? LOL!!! Niiice

  9. NwEra04 says:

    Awesome job guys!?

  10. Eltonharris says:

    Go thats? my girl Haddie alright lol

  11. musicianQueen14 says:

    XD :)) THX ?

  12. moneysuccesslegacy says:

    the presence of God? when is God present? Is he present at all times? All over the world? Yes? When children? get raped? When innocent countries get bombed? While a person starves to death? What good is the presence of God? Some preachers cheat on their wives. I’m not being negative. Those are just questions.

  13. sammyc597 says:

    love? this video!

  14. zonetwin says:

    God Bless you brother I love your channel and the topics you dicuss. Keep doing what you’re doing ?

  15. jasproul says:

    Well, actually I was badly neglected and abused as a kid and lost my whole family, my entire childhood, and so on, so feeling or loving the presence of the Lord is not something that has come naturally to me at all, but I still think I deserve and am worthy of a wife. I don’t entirely agree with this video. A man of faith, of course, but I think there are people of faith who don’t feel or love? the presence of God like others might. Say rather – don’t marry a man who does not follow Jesus.

  16. anto1034 says:

    “If he does not love god he will not be able to love you or cherish you” I don’t understand how you can say this. What qualifies you to say this? I feel like it’s more? of one’s nature, rather than religion that determines how committed and loving they will be. There are plenty of people who love God, but can’t stay commited, while there are plenty of people who don’t worship God and can stay commited and loving. Example: the other three billion people in the world.

  17. Iceream1 says:

    This is so true i had to find out tha hard way.? Great vid!

  18. ikeashiasanders29 says:


  19. totallymandy says:

    this is such? a great video, thank you so much

  20. melsgr8 says:

    Excellent video! I? definitely have subscribed!

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