Christian Dating – Webisode #1 “I Once Was Lost” – The Series “Computer Love” (@elainealaniz)

‘I Once Was Lost’ is a Christian comedy about the humor, havoc and heartaches that come along with dating when you refuse to compromise your faith. In Episode #1, Elaine explores the possibilities of internet dating at the insistence of her close friend, roommate and serial dater, Lauren. WWW.IONCEWASLOSTTHESERIES.COM This series features music by: Lecrae, Sho Baraka and Trip Lee. Visit: for more information on these and other faith based Hip Hop and R&B artists. Produced by Elaine Alaniz Written by: Nikki Chiemelu & Elaine Alaniz Developed by: Nikki Chiemelu Directed & Edited by: Joe Medina copyright 2010 Nahum 17 Productions, LLC.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this culture it is accepted and encouraged to be emotionally and physically intimate with someone WHILE getting to know them and BEFORE any type of commitment. If your goal is marriage, this video explains a better, safer, and more efficient way to cultivate a meaning relationship. Divorce statistics: Music: Prince Ea “Different Girl” Facebook Page: Twitter:

31 Responses to “Christian Dating – Webisode #1 “I Once Was Lost” – The Series “Computer Love” (@elainealaniz)”

  1. sharslou says:

    Bobbi Brown brushes!?

  2. jteddygarces says:

    :)! Cool ?

  3. Genrik1 says:

    Elain? is the best

  4. smallpies says:

    Wonderful camera work 🙂 Enjoyed? it.

  5. flyyboy06 says:

    Very entertaining so far! Good job. I? can’t wait to see the rest 😀

  6. robleeisgreat says:

    great? job elaine! is it wrong if your initial reason to become a christian is to meet girls like these?

  7. GeorgeRaphaelHarriss says:

    I? like how the red contrasts w/the blue-ish tint. 🙂

  8. mnllj7 says:

    This? is a great video. keep up the good work.

  9. MrPassion67 says:

    good video? real talk hear.

  10. JDuce2400 says:

    O.M.G you are on it girl? i thank you for the videos the world needs them good luck with your mission keep it up

  11. TorahCents says:

    “Different Girl” by Prince Ea. :)?

  12. TorahCents says:

    Thanks everyone for all your beautiful comments! Love you? all!

  13. Da1TruEzzence says:

    I love this! It is possible that many have shared messages similar to this before, but NOTHING beats? how GREAT YOU PRESENT IT!!! *clapping my hands loudly!!! So very well said! ~Mz DeeVa (I do relationship talk on web radio and I found this vid extremely entertaining and informative, I will definitely check out and share your other vids as well.)

  14. loloj7 says:

    loved? this

  15. BebaLokita says:

    what is the name of the song you? play at the end of the video?? I love it

  16. soundsworseonpaper says:

    This is common boyfriend advice already given by many secular westerners. I also noticed that this video implicitly confessed that there is little practical difference between having a husband and having a boyfriend; husbands drop like flies in divorce as? do boyfriends. What is the difference? A name? But what’s in a name? The legal contracts? Contracts require no marriage. This is just telling you to know if a man offers what you know you want regardless of what your commitment is called.

  17. GlossyPinkPrincess says:

    Also my BFF is tryna do things this way be friends until marriage & it’s not working out well for? her @ all. Btw we’re both Christians & most of her guy friends are too. She’s jus continuing to remain the friend while these guys are getting into committed relationships w/other women so she’s still getting hurt bc even though she’s not in a relationship she can still catch feelings 4 a guy she’s in constant communication with & the guy is havin his cake & eating it 2

  18. GlossyPinkPrincess says:

    I don’t believe in casual dating? going from 1 guy to the nxt, but I don’t see anything wrong w/getting into a relationship after knowing someone for awhile.Sometimes ur not at the right age or place in ur life to be married right then. And wht if the guy ur interested in thinks ur not interested in him tht way bc ur jus remaining friends w/him?

  19. MrTrandle says:

    There are virtuous women left…

  20. snuffxdaSLUTxOG says:

    bullshit. let me? clarify this for the idiots. “i STILL can’t find a man!!!”

  21. 26shauni says:

    I? LOOOVE this!!!! God bless u.

  22. MsNDS76 says:


  23. cubgrumpz says:

    EXCELLENT!!!! This? needs to be shared and then reshared!

  24. ncgramj says:

    When you shot me with that? gun…I died laughing.

  25. sincerlyurs123 says:


  26. KingJames68 says:

    you are the best, ?

  27. TheKnowledge4ya says:


    I feel? te same way and it is cool to see anoter woman tat see’s te BIGGER picture =)

    Stay Awesome Chica =)

  28. EvangelistSantia says:

    This was AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing and empowering us single, saved women that desire a HUSBAND and NOT? A BOYFRIEND! I knew these things BUT it is ALWAYS GOOD to get some reinforcement!! Always remaining teachable!! Thanks again, AMEN!! 🙂

  29. Prodigious1One says:

    I? like your video. I think that your advice is divinely inspired, lol. 😀

  30. elartista91 says:

    Loooooove? this.

  31. autismpete says:

    Only thing… I don’t know if you can? always trust God’s judgment for your mate… after all, he DID have Hosea marry a prostitute…

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