The bankers plan for WW3: Christian Zionism Vs Islam: Myron Fagan (1967)

All sides are manipulated, don’t buy into their game! We all must unite against the Illuminati banking elite whatever our race or religion and retake control of this planet so peace can preside. illuminati new world order world war 3 albert pike nwo alex jones

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  1. donnydarkos says:

    @hawkdreaming so what do you suggest we do? i mean, the only REAL thing we CAN do is have people in the army (and etc) use their skills and turn against the government. really the only thing the illuminati have are their soldiers, and if we take away their weapons, what are they gonna do? take our their 9 mm from under their beds and shoot at us? not sure if i worded that correctly but you get my point.

  2. slhines7 says:

    @PlanetEarthAwakens01 I ditto that.

  3. hawkdreaming says:

    @MrLolwut88 …. i agree, nothing any of us do or say will change their plans… they have committed to their agenda; so, i am not thinking that exposure will somehow shame them into confession or abandoning their ambitions. i have no doubt they would likely set the whole world on fire rather than be overthrown. it is the dull herd that holds the only hope of stopping this… that is unlikely, but worth a try; i recommend people concentrate on their own situation and get strong.

  4. ricodelta1 says:

    islam is going to get fuked on by the Zionists!

  5. PlanetEarthAwakens01 says:

    @slhines7 Yeah I totally agree and I also think its about destroying belief systems. If they want to indoctrinate people into a new world order they must destroy the old. They can’t have religious people with their own set of ingrained beliefs, they must either destroy them or their faith to get them to buy into something new. Frankly i’m fucking worried, so much shit is kicking off at the moment….

  6. slhines7 says:

    @PlanetEarthAwakens01 I completely understand what you mean and where you are coming from. I guess that we will just have to see what transpres in our truly corrupt and hijacked world that we live int. It seems to me that it is all about transferring the so called wealth and making the entire planet on the same & level playing field?

  7. RaykwonDaKilluminati says:


  8. RaykwonDaKilluminati says:

    @purpurpledog8 Regardless if you disbelieve in an entity called Satan/Lucifer but understand that they do believe and worship such things. Like Christians who believe in GOD who follow and worship him/her regardless if you believe, understand that they do. So understand that they (illuminati/powers at be) are carrying out plans according to what they believe.
    I still say FUCK’EM, I don’t care if Satan’s real or not!

  9. BlacksAreBeautiful says:

    @purpurpledog8 Satan is REAL….it’s a mindset!

  10. MustacheVerra says:

    I think this story is a lie to protect the real story.

  11. purpurpledog8 says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake, There is no Satan. . Get off your pseudo-religious knees and understand the true program–it is people like you who continue to vote for the Republican and Tea Party fascists, and they will be your and everyone else’s downfall. They will not stop until they have everything you morons own, and you are doing it to yourselves. We are not in danger from some mythical Satan, but from the wanton stupidity of religious idealogues like this..

  12. MrLolwut88 says:

    @hawkdreaming yes I do understand that, however I do not understand how the acknowledging of their plans and conspiracies would end their ambitions. I mean, they would just deny it or they would put more N.W.O plans into action, right?

  13. liderlider says:

    WW3 is coming .Wallstreet is about to collapse completely ..A come will hit the earth ( warning of the Virgin Mary in garabandal -Spain ) before WW3 . This is the final chapter of this corrupt world . This is called ” APOCALYPSE”

  14. liderlider says:

    @slhines7 WW3 is coming .Wallstreet is about to collapse completely ..A come will hit the earth ( warning of the Virgin Mary in garabandal -Spain ) before WW3 . This is the final chapter of this corrupt world . This is called ” APOCALYPSE”

  15. hawkdreaming says:

    @MrLolwut88 …. they have a plan, ‘we’ don’t. if the people of germany had known what was really going on they would not have facilitated it’s plan during ‘hitlers’ years. i don’t know what it would look like, but if the truth reached critical mass.. i mean if a large number can finally see it… i can see that being the end of their ambitions for global control for good… they have one chance at this and so do we… do what you feel is best for you but we can change the world; or not.

  16. hawkdreaming says:

    @MrLolwut88 not trying to be a teacher, i’m just sharing my thoughts on your questions. By ‘tuned in’, i just meant to be in a state of presence and awareness, as a practice. to be vigilant but not needing to be afraid or fixated, just awake like a wolf is. 2. if ‘most’ people knew with confidence that these things exist and are a moving force, then it could inspire a coup of the oligarchy. i think the chaos that might be is far preferable to what the illuminati are going to do.

  17. hawkdreaming says:

    @MrLolwut88 i wanted to be supportive of you; your question was The Question.. it is for me, anyway. and what i was trying to convey was the idea of us seeing ourselves without labels. that is, appreciating that we have never known the truth of our own nature but once we know that, we can then begin to see just how amazing and astonishingly able these mysterious things we call ‘our self’ really is.. ordinary, and citizen are not what you and i are that’s for sure. ‘you’ are much more .

  18. MrLolwut88 says:

    @hawkdreaming tuned in to what? and how will it help people knowing that the illuminati and all these conspiracies exist?

  19. hawkdreaming says:

    @MrLolwut88 stop thinking of your self as a regular citizen firstly, then begin getting physically stronger, eat as healthy as possible and keep tuned in… do a little bit but do it regularly and as you gain knowledge the answers as to what to do will being to make themselves known as this all unfolds.

  20. MrLolwut88 says:

    So what can we, as regular citizens, actually do?

  21. TheOpenedsoul says:

    i heard a good quote today, “if you want peace,prepare for war”. these people are so smart. i urge people to check out the channels of soundlessdawn and try to do as much research on free energy nicola tesla is a great place to start

  22. RaykwonDaKilluminati says:

    @slhines7 1: illuminati has been documented and ordered through Freemasonry (study Albert Pike) and many other secret societies, 2: muslims (islam) has been demonised since 9/11, 3: Israel is still at war with Palestine, 4: USA, UK presence are evident in the middle east (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya), 5: Federal Reserve Banks (money changers) own currencies for which they are the rulers because they print money out of nothing, then loan it on interest, plus control inflation and the interest rates

  23. PlanetEarthAwakens01 says:

    @slhines7 It’s pretty much impossible to know anything 100& unless you’re involved with the people creating it but based on books i’ve read and interviews i’ve heard you build up a picture. This just fits into that and appears to be exactly what is happening at the moment. Look how more and more of friction is building up between israel/the west & Islam, all these people know exactly what they’re doing. We could have peace in days governments made certain decisions but they never do.

  24. slhines7 says:

    What links do you personally have to back up all of this info? Either way, it would not surprise me if it ends up being factually true.

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