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Open This For Secret Info! (O_o) Yes, making a video can be this difficult. Thanks for watching! Keep up with me here: MY FACEBOOK!! If You Tweet This/Follow Me, I Might Tweet Back! πŸ˜‰ I’m on Google+!! TUMBLR: DAILYBOOTH T-SHIRTS: I do LIVE BLOGTV shows on Tuesday nights at 10:00 EST! Or SHARE this video on the sites YOU use! Thanks =) “no video” therealstreetlight “street light” “christian grace” christiangrace this video is not really “ice cream truck” people calling me on the phone bothering me death note japanese dub light ryuzaki anime cant lie that part of vid freaking awesome so yea follow me on twitter and like my page facebook youtube msn hack google near myspace lol but yeah funny “video game” looks prank tags Click here for more Machinima E3 coverage! E3 2011 Machinima Coverage – Cursed Crusade Interview w Scott (Altus) Scott, the project lead for Cursed Crusade, joins Matt Dannevik to describe the crusade. In this video you will see … HOW TO get a behind the scenes look HOW TO discover new games HOW TO cover E3 HOW TO start altered reality in Cursed Crusaders HOW TO decipher blessings from curses – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: Inside Gaming Extended E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo behind the scenes developer interview Pre-E3 game Machinima Live Respawn Stream Livestream Realm Sports cursed crusade matt dannevik scott project lead altus 4th crusade jerusalem altered reality Atlus “Cursed Crusade” “The Cursed Crusade” Crusaders christian templar holy war “Fourth Crusade” “4th Crusade” father “how to” narrator guide storyline gameplay preview altered reality environment hell vision strength speed cost premise history
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50 Responses to “No Video!”

  1. dabonz413 says:

    my favorite part was when you were clapping, but when you started talkin all ghetto “I finna go to the store… I mean..” haha good throw back to a previous episode!

    Ay cuz, me n shawdy finna hid up dat club out der in dacata! you finna kom owt der 2?

  2. DudeItsGoodMusic says:

    Favorite Part Was From 6:10 – 6:27 πŸ˜€

  3. maraluvsmusic says:

    oh no 666 views…

  4. stenzy17 says:

    My favorite part was the ghetto hand clapping.

  5. younglexofficial says:

    i like tha Japanese overdubs that was fresh tho lol

  6. IAmKidTaylor says:

    This video is so getto lol jk.

  7. NerdStarrPower says:

    Japanese dubs are the best

  8. Anglacer says:

    pretty funny πŸ˜‰
    this reminds me that i need to upload a video soon
    but meh, gotta finish some assignments…

    – Anglacerβ„’

  9. LaxeTheKing says:


  10. DaTrutHurtz says:


  11. houstonT5618 says:

    my fave part is when yo momma called that ish was funny : )

  12. jinsanemaine says:

    LOL Man you crazy.

    -J Insane

  13. KenteHipHop says:

    Dub part had me rolling lmao.

  14. SoTodayAtSchool says:

    DUDE I know that feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you need to make a video and you tired as a hebrew slave. Then you start laughing because you keep messing up so much. Everything up until you started responding to yourself

  15. BettaWithToast says:

    The first 30 seconds is me smh πŸ™

  16. ladyemusic says:

    omggg im dyinnnn this is SO freaking funny… i have fav lines in this video LMAOOO

  17. ladyemusic says:

    lmaooooooooo very funny!:)

  18. TheRealStreetLight says:

    @Swish3point Watch my video called “Blackout Is Finally Here”

  19. TheRealStreetLight says:

    @2Up2DownTV Nope. Just an outline.

  20. TheRealStreetLight says:

    @RialVestro Same.

  21. TheRealStreetLight says:

    @wheelztenvy3390 hahaha!!

  22. TheRealStreetLight says:

    @McADLib Truer words have never been spoken.

  23. TheRealStreetLight says:

    @TheUndefinedTalent glad you liked it!

  24. TheRealStreetLight says:

    @skankinexranda I did!

  25. Swish3point says:

    where can i download ur mixtape ??? i was never told

  26. BenjiREC says:


    It was a weird interview wasn’t it lol, like two timid homo nerds on a first date.

  27. SupremeARA915 says:

    wait so you dont go to jerusalem and kill muslims? that sucks i think i’ll pass

  28. MW2Ghost100 says:

    kinda cool if after the you beat the game Ezio or Altair comes in and looks around and says ”Everything is going according to plan”

  29. StevanLHarrington says:

    the interviewer looks stoned. It is E3 after all

  30. Alexrachal says:

    he’s not drunk. he’s just retarded.

  31. Zerate12 says:

    is he drunk ? – the interviewer?

  32. TheGameInfoGuy says:

    @olie266 I know, i’m not stupid, but just imagine fighting like hundreds (or just 20) Elite Assassins at once…
    Wait, nobody could, because they’d be dead!

    But yeah, I played AC I know you fought Templar Knights then, not in Ezio’s time.

  33. olie266 says:

    @TheGameInfoGuy ….The reason behind him saying Altair is because in AC you fight crusaders as altair…0.o You dont fight crusaders as Ezio…

  34. Boydsterable says:

    at 3:09 the camera man is like wat the fuck are talking about

  35. Spindel01 says:

    machinima fire your awful interviewers

  36. sohaibnk says:


  37. 28SomethingSomething says:

    Herpty Derpy Doo

  38. TheRealFake19 says:

    I’m trying to unsub, but these fucking vids keep spamming my sub box! πŸ™

  39. VioIentGoIdFish says:

    well well fucking well. a medieval game without trolls, goblins, magic and gayness. might have to actually check this out

  40. rtcmuthafucka says:

    is he drunk?

  41. Adamdadude999 says:

    who is this retard

  42. TheTraveler12 says:

    so remind me again how some of these idiots got a job with machinima? making video game videos on youtube? that was a terrible interview.. way to stay professional making lame jokes..

  43. Kindathiskindathay says:

    @stealthydog661 really are you at e3….. no your not so shut the fuck up

  44. Gregoire888 says:

    Irony, the game follows a storyline in which you are beat, therefore you cannot win this game.

  45. dirtbikedemon911 says:

    @tomkasto Yeah Or what i was thinking is like World War 1 because you could melee and use a gun,because some people like melee some people like guns and like no games have the option of being both in the same game. i think a World War 1 realistic game would be epic.

  46. TheGameInfoGuy says:

    @RandomPinoy09 Hah! Final Boss? How about Final BOSSES?

    Altaiir, Ezio, and every other assassin within the guilds across the world.

    You’ll never beat Cursed Crusade! πŸ˜€

  47. 123DTRAY123 says:

    1:04… Awesome..

  48. tomkasto says:

    @dirtbikedemon911 True. God i wish however that there would be a game taking place in the holy lands with First Person View and using Frostbite V 2.0 that would’ve been sweet.

    And of course the melee fighting should’ve been good as well and mounted combat also.

    Would’ve been game of the century if done well with a realistic story and such.

  49. stnchplc says:

    i want to punch this guy
    in the face

  50. dirtbikedemon911 says:

    @tomkasto I dont know,probably Activision or Ubisoft(maybe like Farcry in the past),the only problem is that most creators think its more important to be suspenseful or scary then accurate so they focus on that. It seems they never think of actually combining the 2.

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