25 Responses to “Christian Kane – American Made”

  1. AmandaAdmirable says:

    @ldlecureux It does, but what he means is that she’s been approved by the USDA and being of good quality.

  2. ldlecureux says:

    doesn’t usda mean United States Department of Agriculture?

  3. loco320 says:

    Only country singer i listen to lol

  4. LunazxTerra says:

    @TheWindream Amen!!!

  5. TheWindream says:

    One who did not like .. he has hearing problems!

  6. MrTy2K says:

    the Oak Ridge Boys American Made is better

  7. TheOriginalPan says:

    A lot of talent in this guy!

  8. yetitracker says:

    @Chynnahenton1 the sad thing is that actors don’t get cred as singers because they have money to produce stuff without working hard to do it! this guy is a B list actor but a GREAT singer! I’m a fan of Leverage and this CD is great but he won’t be taken seriously by nashville because he is an actor! sad because it is very good and better than most crap on country music stations!

  9. whussupbrah says:

    valley girl, 😉 oh christian.

  10. seeleyboothluver92 says:

    wow… i love it! i want the CD today! 🙂

  11. Chynnahenton1 says:

    I think this is the song that will definitely get him to the big leagues! I can’t wait till it’s on the radio!

  12. yesnonotexactly25 says:

    this song makes me think of summer… kinda depressing in the middle of march XP oh well his awesomeness makes up for it 😀 <3

  13. Shinmauru says:

    Great song, favorite is House Rules but this song is great!
    Go buy it NOW!

  14. Urkelfan says:

    He was born in Dallas,Tx but moved to Norman ,Ok when he was in the 8th grade and now lives in L.A. I know my Christian Kane.

  15. Kris197290 says:


  16. methosivanhoe says:

    don’t rip the audio, buy the House Rules album and support Christian as a singer 😀

  17. ILuvZacEfron18 says:

    @sleonardelli i think he was born in texas, raised in OK

  18. chargersbaby888 says:

    @sleonardelli he was born in texas….wikipedia him trust me i know my christian kane

  19. chargersbaby888 says:

    @sleonardelli hunny he was born in texas….i know my kane wikipedia christian kane

  20. sleonardelli says:

    @chargersbaby888 He’s from OK though! LOL!

  21. RockerChick4Him87 says:

    @nfarnham2008 yup it is. just came out. It’s called House Rules.

  22. RockerChick4Him87 says:

    love the cd! got it for x-mas, it was sooo worth the wait 🙂

  23. TheSenkie says:

    I love this guy!!! he has an amazing voice, when i hear this song, i can’t help but smile, and it makes me wanna shred the guitar myself!!

  24. ladyangel84 says:

    ive loved him since angel

  25. chargersbaby888 says:

    all i can say is GOD BLESS TEXAS this man is beautiful ad can sing his heart out!!!!!

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