25 Responses to “Asian Games: Ma Long-Wang Hao”

  1. GeorgesVI says:

    lol, who would call his children long wang?

  2. DaFaiGai says:

    @eps0n That’s how you push topspin serves short. The serve is not backspin.

  3. Tamarovboy says:

    did he just say handwork at 4:59?

  4. rizzelet says:

    @panajazz Yeah, Ma Lin is to his left, but I meant one seat over to his left – the person who leans in to tell Zhang Jike something before the camera pans away. The guy’s name is Liu Yi, a chopper from China who has recently played in the 2011 Korea and Japan Opens.

  5. panajazz says:

    @rizzelet That’s Ma Lin.

  6. ttpingponglover says:

    video starts at 0:27

  7. rizzelet says:

    Anyone know the name of the guy who is sitting directly to Zhang Jike’s left at 1:21?

  8. BollForte94 says:

    Wang Hao watched this while he was in Rotterdam ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. kizaman says:

    @jayjaymatt don’t get your panties in a bunch. The handshake signifies sportsmanship. There is no need for hugging or pretentious banter afterwards.

  10. JaxAkaJT says:

    the commentator is very noisy

  11. vegeta5069 says:

    @eps0n if you look closely, it wasn’t completely 90 degrees, and the serve was probably dead or topspin

  12. eps0n says:

    mmm in 0:07 ma long recieve the wang haoยดs serve using his blade in 90 degrees … how could he do that ( its really hard):( … sorry x my bad english ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. this1is2me7 says:

    He didn’t really have to show his belly though.

  14. huycd34 says:

    there is 1 retarded guy who disliked this vid

  15. BollForte94 says:

    @this1is2me7 he flips out the shirt from the shorts

  16. BollForte94 says:

    where can I buy the black trikot of Ma Long or generally chinese tablle tennis t-shirts? can someone help me ?

  17. this1is2me7 says:

    6:50 lol why did Ma long flip up his shirt like Ma lin did in 2008 olymics?
    Is that how every player feels like when they win a big title? XD

  18. ThebestLennart says:

    jase lem jase lem jasa lam woan woan woan xDD

  19. sak0815 says:

    Hey commentator, stfu!!!

  20. dxuhuang says:

    @jayjaymatt chinese players probably see each other too often for such a greeting to have much meaning. Don’t bash table tennis.

  21. live2ridegsxr1000 says:

    @therighthandrule Ok good info thanks. I’ll remember those two names and keep an eye out for them. It just seemed really wierd to me that so many Asian players are now shakehand grip, I was thinking maybe they noticed a problem. But only time will tell who the next top dog will be and what grip he’ll use. I feel that Ma Long is the best right now even though I love Timo and he’s the new #1

  22. therighthandrule says:

    @live2ridegsxr1000 You’re absolutely right in saying that most new talent is using the shakehand grip, but I have recently looked at the U18 world ranking, and Wu Jaiji (no. 4, CHN), and Zheng Peifeng (no. 6, CHN) are both penhold players. Remember, just a few years ago nobody had heard of Xu Xin, and in another few years, everybody might be talking about these two up-and-coming juniors ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. live2ridegsxr1000 says:

    @therighthandrule No doubt Wang Hao and Ma Lin are at the top of the game but if they don’t win or if Ma retires soon who else is able to win major events? I just watched the English Open videos today and Ma Lin was handled by Chen Qi. I was just looking into the future and it seems that no one except Xu Xin is gonna be in top tournaments with that grip who can accually win.

  24. therighthandrule says:

    @live2ridegsxr1000 When you consider that the current holder of the World Cup, current World Champion, and current Olympic Champion are all penholders, it doesn’t seem that the penhold grip is suffering in modern table tennis. As a tt player who started out playing shakehand and then switched to C-pen, I can tell you that shakehand is much more versatile, while RPB penhold has a few offensive advantages. One is not clearly better than the other, and I don’t really feel that penhold is dying.

  25. live2ridegsxr1000 says:

    Does anyone feel like the Penhold grip is fading away? It seems that all the top players and future players are all using the shakehand grip. Examples; Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Chen Qi, Timo Boll, and even if you look at the juniors its the same. Just a question cause I don’t pretend to be anywhere close to this level of play.

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