WHy did all those LIBERALs act so harsh and even evil …..?

Question by : WHy did all those LIBERALs act so harsh and even evil …..?
When the story broke about the Baptist men and mostly women who were trying to take the 33 children out of Haiti after the earthquake ” to protect them from the violence and dangers of a country devastated” and were detained by the quasi government: …. why did so called liberals began to claimed they were “trafficking in children” and called them every sort of evil name and layed on them every sort of evil MOTIVE , and tried to condemn all christians and specifically these people as trying to: “steal children”, …have they NOT come back to apologize?
I said when all those anti christians started posting their so called questions and began to distort and rabidly spew hatred (as LIBERALS!), against these good intentioned and sincerely sacrificing of their own safety, men and women, have we seen no response from the media or NEWS about this since they were all OVER IT when it first started and NOW NOT ONE WORD????? See this web site > http://www.christianpost.com/article/20100427/haitian-judge-clears-9-us-christians-of-all-charges/index.html
NINE of the TEN were cleared of ALL charges, and you would think that a so called open minded good hearted patriotic american liberal would rejoice in the justice, and that the news would shout the good new that americans had been found NOT GUILTY of trumped up charges????
The last person still has a single ridiculous phony charge of “arranging irregular travel” . Just the kind of ridiculous charges you saw in Russia and in many tin pot kind of third world governments to give them some form of legitimacy. I suspect that the charges will be dropped or at LEAST set to time served possibly to just expulsion, since this is more a face saving action for the government to prevent liability while lending some credence to their heavy handed actions.
WHY? Why don’t these morally superior NON christians liberal people actually say: “I am sorry”? for all the violence they did against christians here in yahoo answers and across the net? Why hasn’t the MEDIA made the effort to actually state a retraction of all their venomous attempts to smear christians? Isn’t that at least as important as the story was, now that these people have been vindicated and the GOOD NAME of them, Christianity, and the AMERICAN PEOPLE been shown?
It was so ugly to see post after post in the yahoo answers religion section by endless people who made this out to be the worst FACT of a clear cut case of “trafficking in children ” “stealing children”, “cults” and any other evil dispersion of these good peoples character. Suddenly they are silent…. I would hide in shame myself if i had acted like these people did in their apparent hatred of Christians and the Christian community, while hiding behind a cloak of self-righteous liberalism.
I meant to say that when these people started this tirade i told them that absolutly NOTHING would come of this and that its a completely trumped up charges of a nation in disarray, and so it has… i must be a prophet …lolol. I would lay dollars to donuts that not ONE person will actualy come to say they are sorry for the lies they told and that we will not see a single news report on TV from major outlets except maybe FOX news about this turn of events. What does this tell you? It tells me that some people are just not decent people and the Media is a liberal fortress of anti christian hate mongers.
The first three responses are classic examples of people not willing to face the fact that they were wrong. These answers are typical of the inability of some to see justly and act rightly.
WE are talking NINE people aquitted of ALL charges and there won’t be a “civil suit” that contradicts this.
What did Forrest Gump say…? Evil is as evil does??? … or something like that…lol. Pathetic response from you three .
OH, btw, this IS the catagory that the attacks were posted in and about CHRISTIANS. And this is a issue of religion so i would say this is NOT the wrong catagory.
Noone said the “children were returned” “supposeds” are not proofs and yes i am well aware oif the legal system … but are you? i did not say they did not plead guilty , i SAID they were AQUITED AS “NOT GUILTY”. AND NOT ONE OF YOU HAS ANSWERED THE QUESTION! they were wrong and need to apologize and the Media has NOT done anything to correct the facts or report on the results of the situation , typical both they and you all are just obsfucating things rather than admiting the wrong done by those abusive individuals in judging before the facts and condemning without the legal principle of “thier day in court”
typical poor and unspecific answers based in cycinicalism and a complete inability to grasp simple facts.
Gee…. a “chargable offense, … and DESERVES punishment” ! What hubris of you to be judge, jury and executioner. Seems the HAITIAN Courts would say you are wrong and possibly a liar since they DECIDED NO OFFENSE WAS COMMITTED! And you do not know but that the agreements between the people who children they were and these caring individuals are presented for the courts review.
LIes upon LIES it seems is the order of the day for those who want desperatly to hate others religions and beliefs instead of showing decency and justice.
VIzvids arguments a spurious and biased comment simply because the facts are easily check-able but NOT on a biased LIBERAL media source or web site. What a lame answer with NO actualy validity.

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Answer by Vivzid
Conservative websites are not reliable/ to biased.
Plus, this is the wrong section.

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3 Responses to “WHy did all those LIBERALs act so harsh and even evil …..?”

  1. Imperio! says:

    Ever heard of this guy named OJ Simpson?

    Being ‘found not guilty’ doesn’t mean much these days. It just means you had a great lawyer.

  2. skepsis says:

    You do understand how courts work, don’t you? No one ever pleads “innocent” because such a thing can’t be legally determined. “Not guilty” is the best you can get, which is NOT the same thing. The Haitians were probably satisfied that the children were returned and were just trying to avoid the expense of a complicated trial while doing the arrestees a favor. Likely the nine had charges dropped because they hadn’t known what they were doing. The ringleader DID lie to the Dominicans and the Haitians about her approval, so she has more to answer for. She should consider herself fortunate to be getting the lesser charge.

    Haitian “orphanages” don’t work like American orphanages. Haiti has such a poor economy that people often drop their children off at orphanages, hoping to reclaim them when conditions improve. No matter how pure her motives may have been, by misrepresenting herself, the woman was abducting the children, taking the law into her own hands, and that is a punishable offense.

  3. Ernesto says:

    Liberals don’t like the morality that comes with Christianity. They enjoy various sinful behaviors and politically fight those that oppose them so they can have their vices.

    Often when the Libs accuse conservatives or Christians of doing wrong they themselves are perpetrators of the same thing and often worse.Look at the Katrina response: for two days the Democrat mayor of New Orleans and Democrat Governor of that state did nothing for two days in regards to seeking federal help and when then President Bush called them and then got the ball rolling the next day he was put down as the irresponsible one. Now, the current oil slick was almost a week old before Obama got involved and started talking about a disaster but no criticism by the media.

    The current New York bomber was allowed to get on a plane even though he was on a no fly list by Obama’s Home Land Security pick, Napolitano, who also dropped the ball when the militant Muslim Army officer gunned down other soldiers and still no criticism by the media.

    Obama is continuing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan which he firmly told his voters that he would not do so and still no criticism by the media for his about face.

    Obama went to a white hating racist church for 20 years and picked a racist Hispanic, Sotomayor (who said a Latina could decide better than a white man) and still no criticism by the media.

    I could probably go on and on but these came to mind first.

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