Jesus’ 1st miracle was at Cana is this the same Q’ana where the children were bombed?

Jesus turned water into wine at the marriage at Cana. I heard somewhere that Cana = Q’ana in S. Lebanon, a town that was completely destroyed by bombing and where > 30 mothers and children were killed when they hid in a basement. I can’t find a reliable reference for this, if you know one, please post. Also, if there are other Christian sites in S. Lebanon that you know about, can you give me a reference? I think there are at least a few because Jesus travelled all around the area. No insults please, I’m seeking information.
43 – Jesus has nothing to do with Aljazeera. Are you trying to be clever? Either this is true or not , it doesn’t have to do with a political orientation, facts are facts and this should be a simple one.
wiseguy: In Catholic school, I was taught this was Jesus’ first miracle, I don’t recall the Gospel but will check. Catholics don’t learn the Bible as well as Protestants.
John 2:1-11.

Noone had info, Y!A not good for much besides insults. Wikipedia says “While the village of Qana, now in southern Lebanon, is said to be an unlikely candidate for the location, many Lebanese Christians believe Qana to be the correct site. ”

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  1. 43 says:

    Your right now go tell AlJazier that Jesus bombed the babies.

  2. Justme says:


  3. Wiseguy says:

    who told u it was the first miracle?jesus was a good talker , yeah I addmitted that

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