Christ Pantocrator

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Christ Pantocrator
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Fresco art, Christ Pantocrator inside hidden cave church of Cappadocia, Göreme Open Air Museum, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey. The iconic image of Christ Pantocrator was one of the first images of Christ developed in the Early Christian Church and remains a central icon of the Eastern Orthodox Church. … More …

More at voyage Anatolia blog.
Geziler, foto?raflar, öyküler… ?zle…

La Mezquita (the Mosque)
christian travel sites
Image by Narisa
Cordoba, Spain
December 2008

We took a train from Sevilla to Cordoba for a day.

The highlight of Cordoba is La Mezquita, or The Great Mosque of Cordoba. On this site, there’s been a Roman temple, Christian Visigoth church (600 AD), Islamic mosque, and a Roman Catholic cathedral of early Baroque style.

Learn more about this architectural gem and world heritage site:

Cordoba (Cordova) was medieval Europe’s center of learning and culture, and rivaled Baghdad and Constantinople in population. (~ 950 AD)

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