Baptism in the time of Jesus – by Dr. Randall Smith

The New Testament opens with John baptizing the Jewish people in the River Jordan. What did the people understand when John the Baptist and Jesus told them to be baptized? And where in Jerusalem could 3000 people, on the day of Pentecost, possibly be baptized? In this DVD we follow archaeologist and theologian Dr. Randall Smith on tour as he takes his students to various sites in the Holy Land explaining the historical development of the theology of the Rabbis during the 400, so called silent years, between Malachi and Matthew. From the traditional site of baptism in the Jordan River, to the ritual baths at the steps to the entrance of the Second Temple, and then to Bethlehem and Tabgha, Dr. Smith explains how baptism was practiced in Israel during the first centuries of church history. This DVD is truly a must see; it is an eye opener that sheds light on the very important subject of Baptism.

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