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Christian dating sites are what Christians go to acquisition their lifetime companions. Christian women and men do not like arena about with love. They like to acquisition austere singles on the Internet to body a blessed accord together. Single Christian women or men adopt to acquisition a continued appellation accord to actualize a blessed ancestors with admirable children. So, you will acquisition a accurate date from Christian dating free account back best of these associates are affectionate and honest to love. What you charge is the accuracy that you are absolutely attractive for a date online. When you are analytic for Single boys or girls online, you will apprehend their description about themselves. If you like any of these Christian Single persons, then, you aloof accelerate them a bulletin and alpha from there. 

Christian singles free online are accessible to accommodated their lifetime partners. Who are these singles? They are everywhere there are animal beings. All Single women and men who are Christians attractive for adulation and romance, accord and alliance on the Internet are Christian singles. There are some affidavit that they adopt the online methods to acquisition their love. They do not like activity to the confined to acquisition a date. They do not like to coquette in the abbey wit Single people. They go to the abbey to apprentice acceptable things including love, dating, relationship, marriage, and others. They aloof appetite to chase and act as what was on the bible. However, they are like all of us. They charge to accept a adulation and they charge to accept a blessed family. 

Christian dating for free has been a abnormality for online singles to acquisition one another. The capital acumen is that Single boys and girls do not pay for annihilation to use the service. They are advisedly annals for personals ads, chase for singles, and collaborate with any associates after advantageous a dime. Dating on the Internet for Christian singles is simple because you never accept to go anywhere to acquisition for a date. You alone charge to accessible your computer to seek your online love. You are declared to assurance up aboriginal afore you can acquaintance with others. Signing up for a contour takes you a few account because the allotment action is simple to ample out. There are alone a few forms you charge to ample to complete a admirable Single profile. 

Christian dating for free sites accommodate the agency for this religious singles who attending for adulation and affair on the Internet. Dating sites for Christian singles accept been accepted because you can acquisition your accomplice who is the aforementioned adoration as your. For a specific adoration dating service, you can chase on Google for key agreement like “Christian dating for free” or “Christian singles free” and go from there. Getting affiliated with Single women or men who accept the aforementioned adoration is not required. Adulation is general. However, women and men like to chase for online this specific singles so they go anon to this religion. It is optional. You can acquisition any adoration of singles online to date with and to get affiliated to. You do not charge to acquisition any this specific religion.

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Christian Publishing Companies and the Four Topics To Have a Successful Book Launch

Christian publishing companies are seeing increasing demand for Christian books today.  People are getting sick of everything happening in our culture, and they are looking for information from a Christian perspective.  Hollywood and the media are dominated by people who do not stand for Christian values.  Violence, foul language, and sexual perversion dominate movies, television, and video games.  Parents are looking for Christian literature for their children, and adults are looking for guidance on finances, relationships, and family.  This has opened the door for Christians to provide alternatives for family friendly books from a Christian perspective.

Christian publishing companies say there are a few book topics that are in high demand today.

The signs of the times are everywhere.  Corruption in our world today has never been worse.  Advances in technology have made it easier than ever for the media to expose us to all forms of corruption.  The media has desensitized people to accept violence and perversion on television and the internet.  Many of the world economies are having major financial issues.  This has led to a huge increase in people reading books on the last days.  People want to understand the prophecies in Revelation, and they want to be ready when Jesus returns.


An aspiring author could spend their entire career writing about the last days.  You could write a book about handling finances and preparing for the coming economic collapse.  Other books could discuss survival skills from a Christian perspective if things get really bad in the world economy.  Most people today don’t have the skills they will need if food becomes scarce.  Christian publishing companies love to see books that study the prophecies in Revelations and how they relate to events today.

Parents face many challenges in today’s world.  It seems like it is virtually impossible to raise a Christian family when they are exposed to television, music, and the internet every day.  Kids that go to public schools are exposed to liberal philosophies every day.

For this reason, there is a huge demand from parents looking for information about trying to raise a family in today’s world.  Books that teach parents how to raise a family in today’s crazy world are selling very well today.

Marriages are in trouble in our churches today.  Christian publishing companies want to see more books on Biblical marriage advice.  The divorce rates among Christians are just as high as the rest of society.  Christians have a long ways to go when it comes to understanding spouses in marriage.

The economic climate of our world has caused a lot of” rel=””>stress in the home today.   There are lots of ways to make money, but many of these methods are immoral.  Christian couples need sound financial advice.  Churches have dropped the ball in providing sound financial advice, and there is a demand for books on handling finances from a Christian perspective.

Christian publishing companies are looking for new authors to meet the growing demands of Christian parents trying to raise a family in a corrupt world.  More and more people are turning to Christian voices for a fresh perspective on the world’s events.  You can self-publish a book fast when you work with Christian publishing companies.

Learn all about self publishing a book.

The Worlds Largest Free Christian Dating Site for Christian Singles Just Got Larger for Free

Hermosa Beach, Ca (PRWEB) August 09, 2011

On August 5, 2011 (CDFF) achieved another significant milestone towards bolstering it?s position as the worlds largest free dating site dedicated to Christian singles all around the world. The site reached the milestone of 200,000 active members. The 200,000 active member mark was accomplished in less than half the time of the 100,000 active member milestone which illustrates the pace of growth for It was also accomplished without spending any money on marketing.

According to David Perez, CEO of e Dating For Free, Inc., ?High quality free online communities can be built without spending any money on acquisition marketing. Just look at the success Facebook has had by offer a free online community. Successful free community sites are almost always built via free marketing vehicles such as word of mouth and viral marketing. That is why we don?t spend money on online marketing against

Other key metrics for are stronger than ever. Monthly visits and logins both cracked the 1 million mark. Monthly page views are hovering under 20 million mark. Remarkably the majority of the traffic fueling this growth is from three sources which account for over 80% of the total monthly visits. These sources are direct traffic, branded search terms such as ‘christian dating for free’ and internet email sent to members. Less than 20% of traffic comes from other websites or non-branded search terms such as ‘christian dating‘ or ‘christian singles.’

So why are Christian singles flocking to Doron Kim, President, said: ?The reason for CDFF?s success is the quality of our user experience. Every day one in 5 people that attempt to join are banned. This is done via a combination of technology aimed at spotting scammers such as and our diligent moderators that work 24/7 to screen new members and monitor their behavior. Members tell us all that our community is the best they have seen for avoiding scammers.? In addition to providing a high quality member base CDFF also strives for a parity offering in terms of the features that equivalent paid sites offer. CDFF has Christian chat rooms, message boards, Instant Messaging, Winks, Who?s Viewed Me, etc. All the same features visitors would find on an equivalent paid dating service.


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Founders of Religions are Sorry

Founders of religions are sorry

If founders of all the religions come to this world once again and see the people of their fold they shall feel sorry. They shall not be happy. They shall not be in a position to see even man who is following the teachings they had left for their followers. All have gone astray. None is following the principles which they had laid down and they had recorded in religious books left by them. The man has got his own difficulties. It has become very difficult for him to speak the truth. He cannot have a clean life. He has to commit so many sins, so many crimes and so many misconducts. He cannot be faithful, sincere and truthful. He or she cannot maintain full faith towards his or her life partner. At times they could be attracted towards opposite sex and there are chances of sex indulgence which is prohibited. They are not serving their parents in the manner provided in religious books. They are not bringing up their children in the right manner and there are instances where the parents are failing to give proper bringing up, proper education, proper training and proper adjustment in life. They are producing more and more children and they are not caring for their children. They are turning terrorists and rioters and there are instances where the people had been killing innocent people, which course is prohibited in all the religions. We have noted that the people are just showing that they are religious people and it is on record that people of one religion had been converting people in an other religion and if they were not agreeing, those were killed. There are instances when people of one religion had been demolishing religious places of another religion and had been constructing religious places of other religions. Such a course has not been provided in any of the religious book on this earth, but people had been doing such things and our history books are full of such instances.

No one can correct this man. He had been on wrong paths and there are chances that this man shall remain on the wrong path. They are visiting religious places, they are reciting religious books, they are holding discussions and discourses on religious matters and when they are returning to their home they are busy conducting in the same manner in which they were busy before going to the religious place. They are busy in competition and people of one religion are telling the people of other religions that their religion has got better concepts and principles of life. They are constructing beautiful religious places and they are visiting those places in large number. They are utilizing loudspeakers which means their God is hard of hearing. They are hiring people to conduct prayers for them and they are just paying them . Such hired people are conducting prayers for them or they are conducting prayers for themselves, is a question which is still unanswered.

None on this earth is a true religious person. All are artificial religious persons and that is the reason we all are on the wrong path. We have so many good principles maintained in our religious books and time has come when we should collect all such good items in one books and we shall try to adopt those good items and follow those items in our day to day life. None can follow all the items and therefore, it is difficult to become a complete religious person. But if we attain only 40 per cent marks, we shall be having some place in the room where good people are kept by God and if we do not attain this position then Hell shall be the normal place for us all. Since the Hell is already full, God is keeping those people on this earth and that is the reason more and more people are found who are committing crimes, sins and misconducts here on this earth. Our police stations are full, our courts are full and our jails are full and it must be admitted that most of the people could conceal much and if all sins, crimes and misconducts are open none shall be out of these institutions. When we all have gone astray, even God seems to have left us all alone and none is safe here on this earth. Religious could not play the role for which these religions had been established.


Cool Christian Travel Sites images

A few nice christian travel sites images I found:

JO04 7067 Lower Byzantine Church (ruins) & Canaanite site, Pella
christian travel sites
Image by Templar1307

old door
christian travel sites
Image by Narisa
Cordoba, Spain
December 2008

We took a train from Sevilla to Cordoba for a day.

The highlight of Cordoba is La Mezquita, or The Great Mosque of Cordoba. On this site, there’s been a Roman temple, Christian Visigoth church (600 AD), Islamic mosque, and a Roman Catholic cathedral of early Baroque style.

Learn more about this architectural gem and world heritage site:

Cordoba (Cordova) was medieval Europe’s center of learning and culture, and rivaled Baghdad and Constantinople in population. (~ 950 AD)

Faith Calendar

Faith Calendar
Christian Singles Connection: 7 pm Fridays, Coulter Road Baptist Church RAD Building, 4108 S. Coulter St. Members of all denominations welcome. 806-352-4097. Area-Wide Singles Volleyball: 7 to 10 pm fourth Friday of the month. Paramount Baptist Church

Religion Bulletin
Morton-East Peoria Christian Singles, for all divorced, widowed or never married people, will meet from 7 to 9 pm Aug. 11 at East Peoria First United Methodist Church, 154 E. Washington St., East Peoria. Karen Schaidle will speak on OSF programs
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Christian Weston Chandler…Yep, I’m on TV :) – Chris Chan in the Pok’eNews

CC by the neutraldoctor. From CWCki: “Filmed October 16, 1999. The local news media do a fluff piece on the rise of Pokemon fandom, and Chris happens to be among the small children playing the game. This clip provides the DVD cover with its money line: ‘I’ll send out my Dragonair, even though it has 60 Damage on it. Oh, Boy! It has 3 Energy on it… Slam Attack!'”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Christian “Dating” with Susan Yenser (A ProclaimHisWord Interview)

What is Christian “dating”? What does it look like from a Biblical perspective? My girlfriend, Susan Yenser, Mark from ProclaimHisWord, and myself try to tackle this subject in this video. When we speak “dating” we are actually talking about courtship essentially. (It’s why there are quotes around “dating”.) Here’s Mark from ProclaimHisWord’s channel: Here’s Susan’s channel: http