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Who else is tired of the “He/she-isn’t-a-REAL-Christian” game?

Question by John: Who else is tired of the “He/she-isn’t-a-REAL-Christian” game?
It often seems to me that people often try to deny others their Christianity, especially when some don’t measure up another’s relative standards.

Best answer:

Answer by Connor C
Me. I am so fed up with stupid Christians

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Is Religion Still Relevant?

Why do we NEED religion? Or has it ran its course and served its purpose. This question was posed to me a week ago following a long tedious debate with a good friend of mine. My response, No I don’t feel religion is necessary any more but may have served a purpose at a time when no other explanation was available or was needed for survival. I’d like you to imagine something. Imagine a world without science, without the study of psychology, biology or astronomy, just to name a few. A world without the study of disease, germs, medicine, medical procedure, a world where the common cold could very well kill you; a world where natural occurrences are both terrifying and unexplainable to a species that demand explanation. A world without the study of plate tectonics, weather patterns, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, etc. A world of ignorance. Imagine the fear you would feel witnessing the earth tearing apart at your feet, or a large body of water ripping thru your city with no remorse. Maybe you don’t witness these things first hand but the tale is told and re-told with added flair and the warning that this to could happen to you. Imagine your family, more specific, imagine a son or daughter with whom you love very much and would stop at nothing to protect. Now imagine the fear in their eyes and the grip of their hands clinging on to you, terrified no doubt, looking to you for guidance and you having none to give. How would we explain these occurrences with no means of investigation? How would we decipher the meaning of it all?

People seem to think the founders of religion where well educated, highly enlightened individuals that happened to have a close encounter of a strange kind with a supernatural being and absolutely no agenda of their own. If this were reported today we would say either that person is a lunatic, liar, or just mistaken. Consider the cults of today and the impressionable people that fall into these traps. They buy in whole heartedly and will give their lives to defend it and all their money to promote it. These aren’t ancient tribes or uneducated societies; these are 20th century thinkers well aware or at least partially aware of their surroundings and the cause of natural occurrences. Consider everything we know now and yet still people fold and bend to the will of any man that proclaims divine authority now image the world described in my previous paragraph. It’s far too easy and has gone much too far to create the answer with absolutely no proof at all…God…This must be the act of a being and he must not be too happy with us, right?

Throughout history every civilization has proclaimed God(s) are real. The Sumerians are our first recorded civilization and are no doubt where the 3 Abrahamic religions got most of their stories. Up until Judaism, Polytheism was popular, that is, more than 1 god usually assigned to have dominion over 1 natural occurrence or the other. For example An was a god of the sky, Uta was a god of the sun, Nanna was a god of the moon. They truly believed we were at the mercy of these gods and depending on what natural catastrophe takes place, that’s the god you angered. That’s how we began to explain nature and that’s where religions now got its origins, but then came the new kid on the block. The Old Testament was the promotion of monotheism, that is, 1 God. Think of it as a power struggle, you already have all these gods people pray to and worship right along with the a line of mammals claiming to have direct connections-priests, shamans, etc. Remember at this point the ideas of Gods are as real as anything else, with no science there’s no alternative explanations. How do you get people to praise you and only you? Here’s a thought, instead of 1 god per mystery let’s say there’s only 1 god to explain everything. Here’s the trick, take all the stories that have been passed down, change the players, throw in a couple tales of your god smiting down anyone who opposes, put the fear of your god into the hearts of the ignorant and poof you have Moses whole campaign. He used his new found God to inspire his armies to destroy the Midianites (Numbers 31:7-18) and waged war against any none believer of HIS god, a very brutal story that I encourage anyone read. One should consider why God just didn’t reveal himself to all and eliminate the bloodshed altogether but that’s another blog entirely. Today we would call this a cult much like Jonestown much like the Manson family but back then, when the world was terrifying and unexplained, it was completely acceptable as the god of promotion was so very real and terrifying.

Religion thrives on fear, the fact that no one can accurately describe heaven, however, has no problem at all describing hell to a certainty, shows that fear is necessary for the progression of religious faith and reason is faiths mortal enemy. We have let go of most religious beliefs as we no longer kill non-believers and no longer sacrifice animals; both now would be considered a criminal offenses to any civilized person. We know now what causes natural disaster and in some cases can predict and prepare for these events. Alchemy has been replaced with chemistry and astrology with cosmology, we’ve learned a lot since our ancestors. The fact that you’ll never hear an astrology class presented in any school curriculum and intelligent design taught as a legitimate theory separate from evolution shows there is no room for mystical magical non-sense in the rational mind to be taught as actual fact to unsuspecting children.

Where did we get that knowledge? Where did we learn murder of non-believers and animal sacrifice is not ok. It certainly was not religion and that CAN be proven. Our final fear is death. The one thing we cannot explain to a certainty is what happens after you die? I will not venture to say; neither I, nor any non-believer knows the results of the unavoidable moment, aside from the obvious burial. But I can to a certainty stake the claim that no believer, no rabbi, no priest, no pope, bishop, mullah, or otherwise have any idea either. They make the claim they know and just like ancient times can control a mass amount of people with fear. No one has ever died and come back ladies an gentleman, and if you claim the bible historically depicts a resurrection of not only Jesus but of all the dead in the greater Jerusalem area (Gospel of Matthew), then my question is, why has no one attempted to explain in detail what they saw while deceased? Seems like a pretty important detail to me and one that I think any human being, no matter the religion, no matter what era, would demand the answer to.

Chris Knight write so many articles and blog regarding to Atheist, agnostic, christian, freethinker topic for more details please visit

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What’s True About Religion

At this time when whole world in one way or the other is affected by stings of strange interpretations of religion, its necessary enough to have a closer look what our religion is all about. The weird situations come when people start personifying the religion deeds or so-called Religious leaders whom we often call as “Prophets” or “Deities” or even sometimes GODs.

One of the worst sufferer at this stage would be The Greener Pasture for India, the United States of America. Very famous for Stinger Missiles to the world, the country shooked with shock when some religious fanatics literally attacked it with its own aircraft, resulting in worst human casualities of all terrorist attacks. Undoubtedly it could easily be owed to the insane interpretation of religious scripts by some fanatic leaders who for their own benefit or interest, are misleading millions of youths into what they like to call “Religious War”.

Weeks ago, whole nation stood with their fingers crossed when judgement was about to be passed for Babri Masjid or Ayodhya dispute. I mentioned “fingers crossed” as it was the same dispute which had costed thousands life years ago. As a child I still remember a household gas cylinder shooting feets above in the sky just meters away from my eyes when communal riots broke out in 1992. Roars of religious chants of those times sometime still echo in my ears, the fear still shakes up my soul, though I did not loose anything personally. It was a pleasant surprise to see the way our beloved political leaders behaved this time. Refraining from giving provoking speech, most of them actually asked nation to respond to the judgement sensibly, with exception of few who I believe can never change. It was really matter of pride to see nation standing together, showing faith in judiciary system. At the same time, I found it hilarious to notice that even our GOD – Ram Lalla or “The infant Rama”, for the first time was one of the party of the dispute. That in my opinion, was most we could do to prove that the so called land actually belonged to him.

Its seriously a high time we critically examine that the religion we follow, is it worth of sacrifice of these many innocent lives. Being born in a Hindu family, I believe I can take liberty only with the religion I follow.

In almost every religion in the world who advocates the supremacy of one Divine power or Divine Lord, there are two kinds of followers. One who is superstitious, who does not want to look beyond what has been taught by religious books or the religious leaders of the society, other who does not readily want to accept what is presented to him but most certainly is not atheist. Frankly speaking the whole business of the religious drama prospers on only first kind of followers. The term “Business” used by me is not an exaggeration. I would definitely try to justify the use of it in later part of blog or may be in my next blog.

The religious books/scriptures or what we like to call “The Holy Books” have often been manipulated, reinterpreted or even re-written before it is given into our hands. There are a large number of people in the world who would support me in this statement. In Christianity, it is well known to the world that real Bible ( Codex Vaticanus ) is hidden somewhere in Vatican library and what we hold today in our hands is just a version of Bible probably re-written by Church. Although they claim it to be just a translation, there had been speculations about facts getting twisted in the modern versions just for purpose of assertion of dominance of Church. People who mostly are second kind of followers, not necessarily atheists, contend that there is huge ambiguity in the versions available today. I would rather not ‘dare’ to divulge or reiterate details which are already available widely on internet. I have already told I can take liberty only with religion I follow. I further apologize for hurting anyone’s sentiments as it was unintentional. I’m citing only the facts which have already been discussed by probably hundred people over the years.

Coming back to religion I follow, in Hinduism, we follow a practice of performing Puja – a religious ritual performed as an offering to deities. This on special occasions is usually done under supervision of a priest belonging to a particular caste known as Brahmins. Do we realize that it can never be just a co-incidence that almost all Puja(s) performed by priests ends with giving Dakshina (recompense) to them. Its a tradition followed as it has been recommended by the scriptures. It is believed that person or sacrificer goes to Heaven after death if he has given proper Dakshina for the services of priest. This cannot and will not be considered as just a matter of chance when we get to know the fact that most of the Holy Scriptures at one point or the other have been written or recommended by people belonging to this particular caste of the society. Have you ever noticed any religious scripture bluntly criticizing these priestly caste people? “Rarest” could be the most appropriate word to describe.

I’m not trying to make or create any opinion about any Sect or caste here, neither I’m here to support any particular religion. I believe it’s necessary to mention at this point that I’m not an atheist and I religiously follow Hinduism. I’m only in favor of considering these scriptures as source of information, traditional stories or collection of fables which are nothing more than ethical guidance, illustrating moral lessons. Things start to go wrong when we try to relate these stories to the historic events


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President Obama, a Christian formed in the American Black church

Considered a man of faith, Barack Obama, the American President of the United States, is formed as a Christian. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, pastor Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), Chicago, where the Obama’s worshiped for 20 years in Illinois is his Obama’s former minister. What kind of Christian was the Church? The church website proclaims: “We are a congregation which is unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian…”

Trinity United Church of Christ occupies a tan brick building on West 95th Street across railroad tracks from a public housing project, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

The President said about leaving, “Too much press harassment, people couldn’t’ worship in peace.” That wasn’t his reason for leaving, but a complaint on the news media attention. The reasons were politically controversial remarks by Trinity’s pastor, Reverend Wright.

Wright’s comments contradicted one of Obama’s central messages — that the candidate can transcend past divisions such as those involving race.

Regarding the Church, on Bill Moyers Journal, Wright says we are unashamedly Black. His philosophy embodies, “Use the culture of which we are a part.” He preaches there is hope, that life has meaning, and that God is still in control. “We can change. We can do better.” Black Liberation theology is Wright’s United Church of Christ (UCC) message. It is a UCC message he offers, since he is a UCC minister who studied under Martin Marty. Martin E. Marty, distinguished Lutheran Pastor, teacher, and writer who has been on the University of Chicago faculty since 1963.

Grounded in the history of the African-American, Black theology is powerful stuff. He is little sorry about his comments, but in Bill Moyer’s interview, Reverend Wright does appear sorry he made the comment “God damn America” in the Pulpit-if only for a few moments. But it wasn’t one remark, but a string of them that caused the significant distancing between the candidate’s spiritual advisor and then candidate.

The press in the United States spent a lot of time and space talking about President Obama’s faith during the campaign, his church, and how he is a Christian-the President said he is Christian himself, and that is also news. Religion makes news, despite separation of Church and State. Time magazine says more voters saw President Obama as a strongly religious person than they did every major presidential hopeful during the campaign but Mitt Romney, the Republican former governor of Massachusetts. Romney’s Mormonism drew extensive news coverage.

President Obama was married in Trinity church. His children were baptized in the church, and also like his wedding, Reverend Wright performed the solemnizations. The President said on leaving the church, “Trinity was where I found Jesus Christ, where we were married, where our children were baptized. We have many friends among the 8,000 members…” It is a church where he was moved many times. When Wright preached one Sunday about the sustaining power of hope in the face of poverty and despair, Obama says he found himself in tears.

He said in one speech during the Presidential campaign:

* “For one thing, I believed and still believe in the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change… Because of its past, the black church understands in an intimate way the Biblical call to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and challenge powers and principalities. And in its historical struggles for freedom and the rights of man, I was able to see faith as more than just a comfort to the weary or a hedge against death, but rather as an active, palpable agent in the world. As a source of hope.”

It is the claim of Reverend Jeremiah Wright that Trinity is a church of Black theology. The Reverend Doctor John Cone, the Harvard Professor and African-American theologian interviewed on American Public Broadcasting System (PBS) by commentator Bill Moyers says on the PBS website:

* “As we examine what contemporary theologians are saying, we find that they are silent about the enslaved condition of black people. Evidently they see no relationship between black slavery and the Christian gospel. Consequently there has been no sharp confrontation of the gospel with white racism. There is, then, a desperate need for a black theology, a theology whose sole purpose is to apply the freeing power of the gospel to black people under white oppression.”

Cone says:

* The Cross is the same as the lynching tree for the Black American in a Harvard Speech. The Christian Reverend Cone wants to start a conversation on this subject. He offers that lynching was terrorism that “worked to a certain degree.” This includes spectacle lynchings where 5,000 would gather to watch.

Religion is one place where you have an imagination that no one can control.” Black Churches are a place of the spirit… (even though you are living under the shadow of the lynching tree).” … There were 246 years of slavery, and 100 years of segregation and lynching.   America does not see itself as “not innocent,” according to Cone. “No human being is innocent.”  

Reverend Cone is ordained in the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. which is one of the city’s largest black churches and not far from Obama’s home in the South Side neighborhood of Hyde Park.

Apparently the President did not turning his back on Black theology yet, per se, since he spoke from the pulpit at that same mega-church in Chicago, which has 20,000 members and is also considered a Black American church. This in 2008.

It is the history of the African American church in the United States that it is a center of Black community life speaking to the needs of the church and larger community in social and political ways. But not in so partisan a manner as was recently ascribed to the theology and preaching of the Reverend Wright. So the perception became. But he still associates himself with the African American church in general.

President Obama spoke of the role of Black fathers and their responsibilities, perhaps more a campaign speech than sermon from a “religious” man whose campaign motto is “Change That Works for You.” Will he again become a member of a Black Church while serving in Washington, D.C. Time will tell. Nonetheless, there his Christian roots lie.

It is from the Black Church that President Obama learned many things about hope. Can he really take himself out of the African-American church ethos, as he has known it? Perhaps the Reverend Wright thinks not, though he is not saying. His official press release remark on then President Obama and his family’s leaving was, “…We are saddened by the news …”



Peter Menkin, an aspiring poet, lives in Mill Valley, CA USA (north of San Francisco).

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Vail Christian runs past Vail Mountain

Vail Christian runs past Vail Mountain
Vail Christian’s Teller Emmer, left, heads for the hoop as Vail Mountain School’s Sean McKeever, right, tries to block him Tuesday at Vail Mountain School in Vail.
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TCS, Watford City to square off tonight
The Trinity Christian School Crusaders continue on with a key stretch of their basketball season tonight with a home game against Watford City at 7 p.m.
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Kingwood Christian tops Bessemer Academy in area contest
The Kingwood Christian School girls’ basketball team defeated Bessemer Academy 38-25 in an AISA Class 3A, Region 2 — Area 1 contest Jan. 24. Whitney Gillespie led the Lions (8-13 overall, 2-1 in AISA Class 3A, Region 2 — Area 1) with a game-high 16 points.
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The king of home equity fraud

The king of home equity fraud
A luxury suite at the W Hotel in Dallas is as good a place as any to conquer the world. At least it seemed that way in 2007 when Tobechi Onwuhara got the crew together. They’d meet there often, seven or eight of them. Some had nicknames from the Ian Fleming lexicon: C, Q, and E. Others were called Mookie, Orji, Uche. They would spread out on designer sofas and at the wet bar, open three-ring …
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Movies look at faith in all its forms
Vera Farmiga is the director and star of “Higher Ground.” ( Molly Hawkey / Sundance Film Festival ) It takes a lot of faith to make an independent film. This year, independent films are showing a lot of faith.
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Sikh shrine in Baghdad lives on in memories
A desolate courtyard surrounded by fields of mournful graves is all that remains of an ancient shrine to the Sikh faith?s founder Guru Nanak inside a sprawling Muslim cemetery in Baghdad.
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Christian, did God ever ask you if you wanted to play the game?

Question by what is wrong with you people: Christian, did God ever ask you if you wanted to play the game?
I always here christian say that we have free will and free choice. I tell them how can we have free choice if we are punished in hell for the things we choose. They respond to me by telling me that, “God does not send us to hell but we freely choose it with our own free will.” I don’t ever remember God asking me if I wanted to play his sadistic game of life. How then can we have free choice if we never chose to play?

Best answer:

Answer by Colonel Crustard
*hands you “Pluralization for Dummies”*

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Religions Keep Us Away From God

Religions keep us away from God

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

There might have been a time when some people established religions to show this man the path which would lead him towards God. The man could not reach God, but on the other hand this man had been divided into different religions, had started fighting in name of religion and it is on record that this man is now a divided lot and they have got no unity amongst themselves. They are Hindus, they are Muslims, they are Sikhs, they are Christians or the like and if we start counting sub religions, then we shall have to consume so many note books for this purpose. The man started to reach God through these religions and through these sub religions and he is still showing that he is on the path. But centuries have passed and this man is still not near to God.

In all the religious books, we have been told that God is one and one only, but only this concept contained in all the religious books could not be adopted by this man. If he admits this concept, that is an artificial admission. In reality, this man is divided only in name of God and that is the reason all the religions have given God different names and they are not accepting that one God is equal to the other God. They are divided in names of religions and in names of Gods and they are preparing for a next world war in which religions shall fight and they shall try to finish religions.

The people of the world have reached a stage where they shall have to pray before God that He should send another person on this earth who should abolish all the religions on this earth and should establish one and only one religion so that the divisions which had been made in this world should be abolished and this man could be united as one force on this earth. And till these divisions on the basis of religions are there, this man would never unite and till he unites, there shall be no peace and till peace is not there, this man shall consume most of his time, resources, energy for preparation of war heads and those energies shall never be utilized for the welfare of this man. If we have a deep look on the present circumstances, we shall come to the conclusion that one set of people are turning terrorists, as other set of people are turning rioters and another set of people are preparing themselves for attacking the terrorists and the rioters with the forces of arms in their hands. It seems that this man is living last days of his life on this earth and we shall be destroying everything on this earth and we shall compel this earth to give birth to the man once again and that man shall have to start from the very beginning.

It seems that even the people and scholars who are trained in religions and who claim that they know everything contained in their religious books, they must come forward and must tell the people true meaning of religion and they must tell the people that all the religious books and all the religions are telling us the same things and therefore, there is only one and only one religion on this earth and that is humanity. No man should be allowed to say that he belongs to a particular religion. In all the records maintained, this man should be declared as a human being and he should stop calling himself as a Hindu, as a Christian, as Sikh, as a Muslim or the like. The scholars should sit and prepare one religious books for all the people which should be so simple that everyone could understand the contents and they should not need people who should sit and collect them for explaining the texts. The religious book should be translated in all the languages so that the contents could be understood by all and not concentrated to a few. The religion must play right role and that is possible. The people who had been telling us the contents of religious books had been misleading us and today they have brought us at a very dangerous place where we are ready to die and kill people of other religions. This is bad and time is there when we should see our mistakes and we must correct our mistakes without any further loss of time.


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Manic Drive Interviewed on Christian Music Monthly Website

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) February 19, 2006

Canadian Christian rock band Manic Drive was recently interviewed by Mark Weber of, an international website devoted to Christian and gospel music, and Christian Music Monthly, an accompanying e-zine.

With a focus on “artists you know and want to know more about,” Christian Music Monthly, which operates out of Buffalo, New York, as both a website and an e-zine, covers Christian and gospel music’s most popular stars, including Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Kirk Franklin, Nicole C. Mullen, Third Day, Jars Of Clay and others with sales in the millions. It also features up-and-comers and indies, like Manic Drive, providing readers with news and views about a truly wide variety of recording artists. Christian Music Monthly started out as “Zeebozine,” with 50 subscribers in 2001. Five years later, the e-zine, renamed Christian Music Monthly, counts over 2,300 subscribers from the U.S., Canada, and many other countries all over the world.

Christian Music Monthly is currently being promoted on radio stations across the U.S. and in Canada.

“DJs are mentioning the website,, on their shows, and some stations are even including the site on their “links” page because they recognize what a valuable resource Christian Music Monthly is,” says Weber. “Best of all, DJs and stations find that Christian Music Monthly is a great source of news they can use on-the-air, for free, and all they have to do is say it came ‘from’ I’m excited that the word is getting out in a big way that Christian Music Monthly has arrived.”

Christian Music Monthly is supported by paid advertising. It’s also linked to, where “Jesus Rocks” buttons, stickers and t-shirts are selling well.

To read the latest issue(s) of Christian Music Monthly, the ezine, go to and click on the appropriate link. In addition to the interview with Manic Drive, the website also features several other interview links with artists like Tree63, BarlowGirl, Nicole C. Mullen, Jonah33, John Tesh, and Martha Munizzi.